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Where is Serious Pub, Who Really Aims POOL?

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partial8.jpgLast night I visited the Cock & Lion on Wigmore Street behind Debenhams, a nice little pub with four ales on (including Black Sheep, quite unusual in London).

However, the main reason for my visit is that I wanted to play pool with some friends, but this was somewhat scuppered on finding that the upstairs room that used to have two half decent tables in it has been transformed into YET ANOTHER “dining” room…

This put me in an unusual position. I used to play at least a frame or two every week before I moved to London, so could tell you in fine detail of the pool tables of Cheltenham and, to a lesser extent, Oxford. But I had only one vague feeling of where else I might find a table in walking distance of where we were.


Blog ’92: Introduction

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Rave 92On my eleventh birthday I received a copy of a tape called “Rave ’92” through the post from my sister Grace, who was away at university. It was the second tape she had made for me whilst she was away, (the first being a random mix of grebo, soul, indie and ‘Love Shack’ by the B52s) and the 4th tape I owned in total – tapes 2 and 3 being the Best Of The Seekers and Roxette’s Joyride.

The inlay sleeve for my new tape had the tracklisting neatly written out in capital letters: black biro for the track title and red for the artist name all the way up until track 2, when the track titles were black and the artist names were red. On the inside of the inlay was written:

p.s. Mum & Dad will really hate this! So PLAY IT LOUD


The Scandal Of Skinny Water

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product_image.jpgSo in the fearless tradition of FreakyTrigger food scientists the years over (Food Science Day III coming soon), it was not enough to just boggle at the existence of Skinny Water from poor billboard ads. No, i had to try some and report back.

So I tried some, and am reporting back.

PRICE: £0.99 from Superdrug

TASTE: It is just like one of those flavoured waters from Tesco’s. Except pleasantly pomegranate flavoured, and without too much artificial sweetener sharpness. Actually rather nice for a flavoured water (akin to saying one of the more comfortable circles of hell). But pretty refreshing and cooling when cold.


SLADE – “Skweeze Me Pleeze Me”

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#333, 30th June 1973

“Cleverness” wasn’t usually something Slade aimed for – though you wouldn’t necessarily call them stupid – but on “Skweeze Me Pleeze Me” even they dip a toe into metatext: “Can’t you learn to spell?” Mostly, though, this is Slade’s warm, sentimental side given rein. The glorious intro promises a full-on monster anthem but this is mostly Noddy’s show, with the band happy to jog along behind while he belts out the chorus and sells you on the reflective (in Slade terms) verses. It’s only towards the end that they wake up, remember they’re a rock band, and turn “Skweeze Me” into the rave-up it wants to be.

Jump, They Say

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jumpsnap.jpgSorry, I don’t mean to turn this into the wacky world of inventions but these things keep nagging me from the edge of my consciousness. I’ll give you more on “The Scandal Of Skinny Water” later, but first let us look at the following statement. Bear in mind that when foreigners say “Jump Rope”, they mean Skipping Rope:

“JumpSnap founder, Brad LaTour, is a regular guy just like you, who struggled with his own weight for many years. He knew jumping rope was the best form of exercise to burn calories and lose inches, but tripping over the rope was incredibly frustrating. That’s why he invented JumpSnap. What started as the ropeless jumprope has grown to become so much more. “