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Aug 07

Why The Internets is Brill: Pt. 345289

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Someone asks about Coca-Cola Orange

I dimly remember Ki-Ora doing an Orange and Cola flavour in my youth.

Try to confirm such via Wikipedia. Fail.

Do however discover lyrics to Ki-Ora song, and that it was based on a track by Swedish band Caramba.

Idly click through to Caramba page.

Read this amazing fact: “The album is chiefly notable because it is recorded entirely in non-existent language. However, songs which imitate certain regional styles of music generally imitate the phonemic structure of languages from the appropriate regions.”

Awesome. I want this album!

Prince Charles Should Stay Off The Ale

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Our future monarch’s Duchy Originals brand has done very well out of the organic food boom – in fact you have to (perhaps grudgingly) admit that the Prince showed a bit of entrepreneurial vision on this one, since his Highgrove Farm oatcakes etc. anticipated mass take-up of organics by a good few years.


Why not just cut its hair off?

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Wine is too strong. Not all wine, but the New World trend of the last ten years has found the alcohol volume going up from an average of 11% to somewhere closer to 13%. Now I like a bang for my buck, but being in mind exactly how drunk I want to get it annoys when a light white turns out to be 14%. Give me a crisp Riesling at 8% please for those summer days.

Anyway supermarkets, in the drive for corporate social responsibilities, are responding. In completely the wrong way. In particular the Marks & Spencer “range” called 10%. Much like our old friend C2, if you make the strength an obvious selling point, you mitigate against people buying it. It is there for show.


10CC – “Rubber Bullets”

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#332, 23rd June 1973

Like “See My Baby Jive”, “Rubber Bullets” is a really dense bit of popcraft – a restless concentrate of hooks and ideas. 1973 seems to have been a moment in pop when this overload strategy was commercially viable: intelligent, detail-rich, sometimes exhausting pop music has been made ever since but it’s usually been marginal, often self-consciously so. In ’73 10cc, ELO, and Roy Wood were regulars at the business end of the charts: what was going on?