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Aug 07

Poptimism – Lesson Forty Four

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Uffie – Brand New Car

Supermayer – The Art Of Letting Go

Infernal – Vienna

Aly & AJ – Like Whoa

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

Roisin Murphy – Modern Timing

Sham 69 – Hurry Up Harry

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BRANDWATCH: When Dove Cries

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Every now and then reading the marketing press you see a story and you think, surely the wider media has picked up on this. And apparently it hasn’t. In this case the story that caught my eye was: DOVE TO SHOWCASE EATING DISORDERS IN AD CAMPAIGN. “Dove…is set to cause controversy with its latest campaign to include recovering eating disorder sufferers.”

Dove’s “Real Beauty” ad campaigns since 2003 have helped turn the brand into a huge marketing success story – sales up 700%. The success has been attributed to its radical change of emphasis – advertising moving from trying to make women feel guilty about their physical imperfections towards a more celebratory tone. But is this actually Dove’s game?


You Stole My Pint (And Driver)

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hobsions-mild.gifHooray, its beer festival time again. And while the Germans sit in big tents drinking litres of the same beer, we all go to Earls Court to sup sup sup lots of different ales. This years champion beer is a Mild (its mildness being a point of interest to the Sun). The list of winners are below, but wait, not all has been drinking pints out of half pint pots and joy in Earls Court. 15,000 pints of beer were stolen on the way to the beer festival.

This heinous crime is made all the more awful when you consider that the beer thieves probably aren’t in it for the bouze. 15,000 pints is a lot of drinking, and equally and the brewing police may just keep an eye out for these distinctive ales. If you stole barrels of Stella you might just be able to fence them, but you can’t just drop barrels of “mystery ale” in a pub. So more likely the barrels will be tapped, poured away and the kegs melted down for scrap. At least that what the police think, careful reading of the news story suggests a more sinister aim.


Your Fat Cats, show them to me

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I was a bit confused as to why pics of fat cats was news worthy of the BBC. It appears to be a follow up to Fat cats facing soaring diabetes, which is PROPER NEWS.

Considering that previous BBC news ‘send us yr pics’ have ended up including notorious and filthy internet pics (disguised as logos, children’s art, etc) it looks like the editors have given up and are asking people just to send in the 35% of the internet that is cat pics anyway. b3ta i’m sure are all in a lather. But, MUST TRY HARDER — THESE AREN”T FAT CATS AT ALL