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Aug 07

Diet Water!

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product_image.jpgThere is a very cheap looking advert on a bus stop on the Seven Sisters Road which I mentioned last night in the pub for Skinny Water, a diet water drink. I was pooh-poohed as is the usual way when I said Diet Water, so I took the details. And here it is: SKINNY WATER. Made by Bio-Synergy, a company name that SHOUTS PSEUDO-SCIENCE, Skinny Water is (and I quote):

“A low-calorie water, enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help (YOU) lose and maintain YOUR weight. Skinny Water contains selected essential nutrients, which combine the benefits of hydration with vitamins, minerals, and clinically tested natural ingredients that suppress appetite, block carbohydrates from converting into fat, and increase fat burning, without stimulating the nervous system.”