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Jul 07

Neu gender politics nao!

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Was in the pub at Leicester Square the other day when the future of gendered drinking politics loomed large whilst waiting at the bar. It appears that ICE is the new battleground of the sexes – ladies are being encouraged to order buckets of Pink Wine for the innovative reason that “you can put ice in it”, whilst so-called MEN are being heartily slapped on the back as the barman slyly shoves a couple of cubes into their ciderrrr. Gallo* vs Magners – it’s the new Lambrini vs Carling!

A vision of the future… Dave is at the bar…”Lager? That’s so uncouth! You can’t even put ice in it? Two iced ciderccinos and a block of that pink wine infused ice sculpture, stout yeoman of the bar”….

*it might not actually be Gallo which proves that they aren’t marketing their Pink Wine very well then are they as I can’t actually think of ANY other brands apart from the dread BLOSSOM HILL and it certainly weren’t that one. Oh, Lindemans. That’s one. Ha – I am so totally 4.99 newsagent wine woman…

Jul 07

Poptimism – Lesson Forty Three

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Girls Aloud – Sexy! No No No…

Example – You Can’t Rap

Chemical Brothers – Burst Generator

Yo Majesty – Club Action (Sailing To Baltimore mix)

Miley Cyrus – East Northumberland High

Justice – New Jack

Dragonette – Take It Like A Man

Kendal Carson – I Like Trucks


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rhianna.jpgNow you can sit under Rhianna’s Umbrella. Brought to you by Totes!

Pop Open Week 7

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This week’s theme is VIOLENCE – to vote on the tracks go here. (and please don’t reveal who they’re by!)

Jul 07

Transformers: Dogging In Disguise

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I am loathe to say too much about Transformers Movie, as I know some very good friends who want to see it untarnished of my smart-arsed wisecrackery. And lets be fair, the film is full of its own smart-arsed wisecrackery. Just let it be said that its best when considered as a teen-action-comedy, and less great at giant robots hitting each other. For shame Michael Bay. Indeed it seems that Bay is loathe to show his giant robot fight in anything but whip pan shaky cam for fear it might look a bit like men in robot suits fighting: like in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. To which I say, “Oi Bay* – that is still awesome on a big screen you ninny”.


The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: No. 56 MARVIN GAYE – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”

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A British sitting room, 1988. A father and his son are both watching a rental television, a Ferguson one, which was not supplied with a remote control. The child is sitting on the rug, whilst his father has dominion over the room in a very comfy chair.

The strains of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” come through on the televisions single tinny speaker, boxed in by veneer. The son seems resigned in his role as nominal remote control, but puberty has made him less reliable than the standard infra-red version

Father: Turn it over.
Son: I like this.
Father: It’s a travesty. Using a great song like this for advertising.
Son: I like them.


Jul 07

Harry Pooter

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This is an expanded version of a reply to Mark S during a LiveJournal conversation about the Harry Potter books. It was written before the final book was published.

Magic in the HP books is really unlike magic in almost any other novels (kids’ or otherwise) in that it’s used, by and large, simply to recreate the “mugglish” life the wizards can’t join in with. So you have wizard banks, wizard shops, wizard GCSEs and A-Levels: the amazing world of magic promised at the start of book one turns out to be a funnified version of the “real world” – and as the series goes on not even that: you realise that the wizards are actually recreating stuff like job anxiety, bureaucracy, petty jealousies and professional rivalries as well as the school and administrative systems of Muggle-land.


Jul 07

The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: No. 57 ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS – “Oliver’s Army”

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I semi-remember just two lines from the NME’s (Charlie Shaar Murray’s?) review of “Armed Forces” (secret unused title “Emotional Fascism”). One was that one of the other songs resembled ELP “jamming in the bottom of an oil drum”! The other — more germane to this post, as well as being true — is that “with the boys from the Mersey, the Thames and the Tyne” is a brilliantly compressed evocation of a nation’s sense of itself (if “a nation” = England obv), the disparate togetherness of an army abroad. The other thing I recall from the time is this: watching EC&tAs play this on top of the pops, and someone sitting near me — who was iirc an organ scholar — saying in sudden surprise (as he watched Steve Nieve play the triple-stabbed piano chords of the bridge passage into the second verse), “Oh! He can actually play!”


TONY ORLANDO AND DAWN – “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree”

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#329, 21 April 1973

Tony Orlando, banged up for unspecified badness, whiles away his time inside by fooling about with his organ (Bontempi if I’m not mistaken) and dreaming of the yellow ribbon his lady-love will hang out to show she’s waited for him. But when the day comes he finds – sorry to spoil the punchline – a hundred ribbons tied on! The sly old dog. It must be the moustache.


Jul 07

Live Free Or Try Harder

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livefreeordiehard1.jpgDie Hard 4.0 (nee Live Free Or Die Hard – a title at least as nonsensical and thus great at Die Harder) is a terrific action movie. IF what you want from your action movie is lots of stupidity, stunts and one liners. Which luckily I do. Nevertheless it feels less like a Die Hard movie than another part of the Transporter sequence. What Die Hard, and Die Hard 2: Die Harder had that made them part of this series was the sense of confinement. And what the sense of confinement gave us was that John McClane was the only person who could sort this out, because he was there. And he couldn’t get out of there either. Die Hard With A Vengeance made him the object of the bad guys revenge, and as such McClane HAD to be there. But it had lost the lustre with its tricksy roaming styling. Die Hard 4.0 pretty much relies on McClane’s goodness as a cop – yes he is again in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he continues to do his job until the end. There are a few moments where he could bow out and leave it to the professionals here (up until his daughter gets kidnapped, in a nice wink to the original). Is there really room for sidekicks and car stunts in a Die Hard film?