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Jul 07


FT + The Brown Wedge4 comments • 633 views

We interrupt yr regularly scheduled iced wafflings for an important artistic announcement:


What’s it about? CLOCKWORK DEATH. Who will enjoy it? YOU YOUR PARTNER YOUR NAN AND YOUR CAT. Is it violent? ONLY WHEN IT’S ESSENTIAL TO THE PLOT. Is that all the time? YES.

“Certainly the best thing to appear on Amazon since Best Music Writing 2007 – possibly even since the BFI book on If….” – Publolsher’s Weekly.

Neu gender politics nao!

FT + Pumpkin Publog9 comments • 583 views

Was in the pub at Leicester Square the other day when the future of gendered drinking politics loomed large whilst waiting at the bar. It appears that ICE is the new battleground of the sexes – ladies are being encouraged to order buckets of Pink Wine for the innovative reason that “you can put ice in it”, whilst so-called MEN are being heartily slapped on the back as the barman slyly shoves a couple of cubes into their ciderrrr. Gallo* vs Magners – it’s the new Lambrini vs Carling!

A vision of the future… Dave is at the bar…”Lager? That’s so uncouth! You can’t even put ice in it? Two iced ciderccinos and a block of that pink wine infused ice sculpture, stout yeoman of the bar”….

*it might not actually be Gallo which proves that they aren’t marketing their Pink Wine very well then are they as I can’t actually think of ANY other brands apart from the dread BLOSSOM HILL and it certainly weren’t that one. Oh, Lindemans. That’s one. Ha – I am so totally 4.99 newsagent wine woman…