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Jul 07

Live Free Or Try Harder

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livefreeordiehard1.jpgDie Hard 4.0 (nee Live Free Or Die Hard – a title at least as nonsensical and thus great at Die Harder) is a terrific action movie. IF what you want from your action movie is lots of stupidity, stunts and one liners. Which luckily I do. Nevertheless it feels less like a Die Hard movie than another part of the Transporter sequence. What Die Hard, and Die Hard 2: Die Harder had that made them part of this series was the sense of confinement. And what the sense of confinement gave us was that John McClane was the only person who could sort this out, because he was there. And he couldn’t get out of there either. Die Hard With A Vengeance made him the object of the bad guys revenge, and as such McClane HAD to be there. But it had lost the lustre with its tricksy roaming styling. Die Hard 4.0 pretty much relies on McClane’s goodness as a cop – yes he is again in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he continues to do his job until the end. There are a few moments where he could bow out and leave it to the professionals here (up until his daughter gets kidnapped, in a nice wink to the original). Is there really room for sidekicks and car stunts in a Die Hard film?



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One of the reasons I kind-of-sort-of welcomed England’s recently-passed smoking ban is my largely positive experience of nipping outside for a crafty gasper while drinking in other countries. While I don’t actively seek them out, and very often the short session outside the pub is a solitary one, brief chats with fellow smokers in the US and Ireland have generally been pretty good.

Since on day one of the new UK-wide ban I met a crazy, I thought it might be worth documenting the more unusual of the conversations with my fellow martyrs.

Number 1: July 1, 2007, Franklin’s, Lordship Lane.

Setting: Franklins is as much a restaurant as a pub. It was (I understand) an eating house which was retro-fitted to be a gastropub and I really can’t recomend it highly enough. At least, I’m not going to.


New Adventures In Folk

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Last night I decided to listen to the DIGITAL RADIO my flatmate has recently installed in our kitchen! By install I mean “plugged in”, for all you technophobes. Of course I take advantage of this digital age like no man’s biz, and tuned straight into BBC Radio 2. Gosh! It was GRATE! Has Radio 2 ALWAYS been grate?? I feel like such a fool for sticking to BBC LDN (with the occasional switches to Magic and Gaydar Radio). Yesterday I listened to a show about folk music – the best bit was a song called Mediocrity U.K (right on!!) which featured the lyrics (nb from memory, possibly IMPROVED):

Staring at the magazine rack/ who would have thought/ that silicone/ could save Iraq

RIGHT ON!! Then after this came a song which told the story of a father and son team of petrol station robbers, who nearly got caught, but didn’t… but it was close! (Someone hiding in the gents had rung the FILTH on his mobly phone halfway through the raid, you see)! Folk music… is brilliant! I shall be listening to the Folk Show again! Checking the BBCR2 website, I think I was listening to Mike Harding, who is a big BEARD with an accordian. Wonderful stuff. Folk is THE WAY TO GO! I felt even stronger in my opinion after listening to a session by Feist on the Maconie show afterwards, which just felt like watered down pish. Feist have been “bigged up” a little, but I can’t say I was enthused. Goethe would have rolled in his grave, yes, ha ha, ha ha indeed.