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Jul 07


Do You See + FT4 comments • 525 views

I was directed to this article by Rosie of Popular Comments Box fame (and actually a lot of this post was a reply on her LJ) – it’s a (spiked) Daily Mail piece by Oliver Postgate, creator of much loved kids’ TV icons The Clangers, Noggin the Nog, Bagpuss et al.

Postgate is one of Childrens TV’s genuinely brilliant individuals but his argument is made loads weaker by his lack of examples – he takes the awfulness of contemporary kids’ TV as a given but doesn’t have anything to back it up other than a set of guidelines given to him 16 years before the article was written! He can get away with it cos he’s writing for the Mail (whose readership is pretty much defined by their shared assumptions about Bad Stuff) but I don’t think it holds much water. 1987, with Thatcher apparently training her guns on the BBC, must have been a strange and paranoid time for the Corporation and for kids’ TV in general after all – maybe Postgate just had a run-in with a bad executive.