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Jul 07

Bible Of Badness Special: 1 Corinthians 15:55

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Biblical scholars, have recently queried the standard translation of this particular part of the Bible. One of the more famous bits, this common exclamation was seen as a way of thundering against mortality, at challenging the heavens and claiming ones own manhood against the ages. All well and good during the period of the King James Bible, when mankind really was in a dark age and needed the succour of this kind of homily. In the King James Version it reads as follows:

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”


Moaning About Black Snake

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bsm.jpgBlack Snake Moan advertises itself as a pulpy throwback exploitation movie. There, in its stab at an authentically distressed poster, we have a masterful Samuel L.Jackson towering over a chained up, skimpily dressed Christina Ricci. “Come and see a cautionary tale of the revenge of the black man over his white oppressor via the loss of innocence of this poor chained girl”. Except it is not that simple. Ricci is the promiscuous nymphomaniac, Jackson the religious damaged goods trying to do her a good turn. Except its not that simple. Because like it or not, Jackson does chain her up whilst she wears the skimpiest of hot pants and tank top, she is humiliated and weakened in her imprisonment. Not to mention battered and bruised from the bloke who tried to murder her. Except its not that simple, because behind this self destructive tyke is and abused little lamb.