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Jul 07

KITAN on the KEYS: a bad pianist’s practice diary #3

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the preludes and fugues in bach’s well-tempered clavier (1722) weren’t written for the modern piano — pianoFORTE, to give it its full proper and in this case relevant name — cz it wouldn’t be invented for another hundred odd years: so in particular prelude xxi in Bb major is written as a light shimmer rattle and run on a harpsichord or clavichord or spinet… which means it’s kind of a pity and a crime to play it REALLY LOUD with the sustain pedal down the whole time, the runs especially, but it sounds great that way and i can’t help it –:\

Lollards Of Pop!

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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards Of Pop is gearing up for its second smash-hit season – keep yr peepers peeled for date announcements – and in the meantime we’re putting together a compilation of the best bits of Season 1, as an intro to the show for “new listeners”.

If you listened to any of the first run, and if there are bits you particularly enjoyed, please let us know via the medium of the comments box.

If there are bits you particularly didn’t like, please DON’T let us know, but of course we welcome all suggestions and nickable ideas!