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#328, 7th April 1973

A ‘first’ of sorts here – “Get Down” is, I think, the first record on the lists to feature on one of Sean Rowley’s Guilty Pleasures compilations, which are recontextualising 70s pop and making a pretty penny out of it for lots of people. The Guilty Pleasures concept has become a kind of shorthand for badness among some of my friends, and it deserves quick consideration.


since when has this bit been “angel”?

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monopolyok so i went into islington this morning to begin changing banks, and was in the co-op where pentonville road meets islington high st — as i wz waiting to be seen i wz lookin round and there on the wall, complete with old-skool monopoly logo, was the boardgames equivalent of a blue plaque, claiming that HERE ON THIS SPOT stood the building which in 1957 inspired the inventor of monopoly to name one of the playing-squares in the london version “THE ANGEL, ISLINGTON”: it was “angel corner house teashop”, a lyons teahouse i believe, and is therefore the only space on the board named after — said the plaque (and wikipedia currently) — a BUILDING

ok so this is sort of true — except eg angel tube was thus named in 1901, bcz there on the corner since time immemorial (or anyway the 17th century) was a PUB called “the angel”… and “angel’ really IS the name of a DISTRICT as much as a teashop. You can’t build houses and hotels in a teashop! (Well you can but they would surely earn less rent even than those you built in the old kent road)

Pop Open Week 5

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This week we have five songs on the theme of LOVE. To take part in the voting, go here, or email your favourite two, in order, to (you can only vote for the ones you don’t already know!).

You can find the results for last week’s group, about Death, here.