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SLADE – “Cvm On Feel The Noize”

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#326, 4th March 1973

dave-hill.jpgSomething came up on the Sweet comments thread that tied in with a point I’ve been looking for a space to talk about, viz. what the “glam” in “glam rock” can possibly mean. Glamour? Well, of a sort – Bolan was glamorous, Bowie beautiful and overtly freaky, Eno an androgyne peacock, and so on. This is the version of “glam” that’s more easily exportable, the one that the film Velvet Goldmine picks up on, the one with all the sexual and cultural mystique. But then what about Slade, or the Sweet, or Gary Glitter or Roy Wood? What about their “brickies in dresses” version of glam, the louder, less poised one that seemed to take everything in the past and present pop atmosphere – skins and suedes, longhairs, pantomime drag acts, wrestlers, art school androgynes – and slap it all together with the contrast turned on full?


East Meets Kanye West

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If you have seen the Kanye ‘Stronger’ video but never seen Akira, here’s what you need to know:

More screenshot comparisons here

I disagree with almost everything on that site. “There’s a lot of stuff in this music video that doesn’t make any sense”. REALLY! In a music video? What’s weird is that despite the blatant homage, despite DAFT PUNK being in it, it’s still not all that great a video :-(

Agatha Watch: Thoughts on Joan Hickson’s Miss Marple

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Having been reading some Miss Marple novels I rented on a whim the 1980s Joan Hickson-starring adaptation of one of them (The Body In The Library). I remember being quite an avid fan of this series when small – watching it again, while knowing who dunnit from the off, let me concentrate more on the performances, attitudes, direction etc. To wit:

1. The whole thing is agonisingly slow – a lot of old TV is slow, of course (in fact, “when did TV start to speed up?” is an intriguing question), but with a murder mystery you have license to tease the audience outrageously with langorous focus on things that might, just might, be significant, but of course aren’t, though they take up plenty of your running time.


KITAN on the KEYS: a bad pianist’s practice diary #2

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ok here is the vast and absurd practice structure i drew up for myself at xmas — it went into the shape of a pear almost immediately when i wrneched my left ring finger lifitng my dad’s wheelchair out of the car, which took two months to sort itself (some will recall i had my fingers stuck up with crimson gaffertape for a while); anyway today (as i had a cancellation which leaves me with midday-midnight unexpectedly free) i got it back out again… WARNING: do not read if you hate self-involved keyb-based micro-yog, otherwise


PerpMotionWatch: UPDATE

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it is with the usual tremendous irresponsible glee i am able to inform youse all that this story remains ongoing! yay ORBO best of all the boes