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What Album Covers Are Really Trying To Tell Us: 4: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

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I set fire to an arcade once.

Well, who could resist burning the leaping loons playing Dance Dance Revolution. I heard the thumping base of “You Can’t Touch This”, two synchronised robo-teens and all I could think of, whilst lighting my Molotov Cocktail was Die Die Revolution. Anyway, this deceptive album cover in full:

Remind you of anything?


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Face in yr pocketsFaceyourpockets. Pictures of your face and what’s in your pockets. Some Russians keep ice skates in theirs.

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muskrat.gifModern kids read Moomin and Asterix comics: “very interesting and very strange, in a good way”.

Skooby Snacks & Spotty Man

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skoob.jpgSo I had a little wander through the snazzy Brunswick Centre today. Mainly to go to the bank, but i thought I would sniff around. And I thought I would reacquaint myself with Skoob. Skoob being a rambling old second hand bookstore belov’d of old in the manky, pre-re-fit Brunswick Centre. Whilst their new Aladdin’s Cave of second hand stock is not in such a prime place as the old one, I am glad that it was deemed to be an important part of the The Brunswick (as the Centre now calls itself). It is possible that it is due to long leases as well, but I would liek to think that in any snazzy mall there is a space for a down at heel second hand store.