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ltlogo21.jpgIt’s a simple pictogram of London, the circle with the straight-line river running through it.

It’s a tube tunnel with the long line as the tube, oblique.

It’s the deck of a Routemaster, low set with a wheel in the middle.

It an old school commuters head, bowler hatted, on the way to work.

CIRCLE and LINE: it’s the Circle Line.

It is the London Transport logo and it is without a doubt one of the best logos ever designed.


Lemon Incest Girl Made Good

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charlotte.jpgCharlotte Gainsbourg is an uncomfortable actress. Perhaps this is due to being Serge’s daughter, being sired by that sex crazed loon is probably a wee bit embarrassing (not to mention duetting on Lemon Incest when yr thirteen). The two films I have seen her in though require her to be uncomfortable, in both the Science Of Sleep and The Golden Door she is someone who has taken a few knocks and is being buffeted by fate. Now you might saying being the object of affection of Gael Garcia Bernez is not a very disturbing situation, but bear in mind that he is playing a borderline psychopath in the film and you might understand why she is unsettled. Her English lady stuffed on a boat full of Italian émigrés in The Golden Door is equally out of place: businesslike in surviving, but not one of them. It’s a great trick, and one that suits her non-classical looks. She has also managed to survive films with considerably whacked out fantasy sequences. There are a number of mental Michel Gondry sequences in the Science Of Sleep which would test the credulity of lesser actresses. But even The Golden Door has her swimming through milk grabbing hold giant carrots. Being able to deadpan nonsense metaphorical sequences is more than a simple skill.