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Jun 07

Your Poptimism Podcast needs YOU!

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First of all enormous thanks to Alan for providing us with top tunes over the last year!

The Podcast will be back next week – after the new management return from a certain gathering in Somerset – so now is your chance to submit some superlative songsmithery. Without your contributions the podcast will be 0 seconds long, so please remember to send your mp3s to Cheers!

Pop Open Week 2

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Week 2 of the Pop Open brings us five tracks on the theme of MONEY.


Please DON’T spoil what the tracks are in the comments box, and if you want to join in the voting then you have only to go here (and join the Poptimists community).

Thinking about ABBA

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Here’s my latest Pitchfork column – a piece on ABBA!

I deliberately wrote it as a quite ‘old school’ bit of music criticism – heavy focus on lyrical meaning, artistic themes, privileging of maturity and meaningfulness etc etc.  It was fun to write like that – I constantly fret while writing Popular that I care too much about the lyrics (I can’t help it! Blame Morrissey!) so it was relaxing to let this tendency OFF THE LEASH.

I showed it to Dave Moore of Cure For Bedbugs (see links bar), who had (sort of) requested this column. He picked up on something quite deliberate – no addressing or attempting to convince or slagging off people who hate ABBA. My feeling is that if the rest of the piece is treating ABBA like a band firmly in the rock canon, it should do so in this way too, and assume that the initial question “Why are ABBA worth thinking about?” has already been answered to the satisfaction of every reasonable reader!

Jun 07

Barkin’s 13

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Is it better than Ocean’s 12?

Answer: Yes. Just. Despite having a massive plot hole in it* (that leads to a big spoiler), it is ruthlessly efficient with its plot and realises that we don’t want romance so dispenses with the gurls. Its still not great but if you don’t mind smarmy with your soundtrack and like looking at some pretty slick visuals you can enjoy Ocean’s 13.

Is Ellen Barkin any good in it?


Do you remember the good years in Canaan?

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Right, ANY DREAM WILL DO. I only actually watched the final of this TV reality show (aim: cast lead of new production of Joseph + Dreamcoat) tho I was aware of it cos Isabel was keen. I was disappointed by the pick for winner – a tousled smoothie by the name of Lee, chosen over a charming Scots lad named Keith. Lee was hugely impressive on first encounter – really engaged the audience with gestures, eye contact, movement, phrasing, a really polished performance – but it became clear that he does the same hand-and-eye-and-smile routine with every song, no matter what the material and its emotional demands or tempo. Too slick by half in other words.

But then I remembered what Joseph is actually like! Joseph IS a bit of a smug git, unintentionally at first but then once he sells out to Pharaoh almost unstoppably so. I am writing of course from the perspective of having played A BROTHER in J&TATD at least twice so maybe I am still feeling my role, but as I recall it is hard not to cheer the brothers on when they throw him into a pit and pull the trick with the goat (also the Brothers get all the funny songs!) (and “Benjamin Calypso” of which the least said etc). Perhaps Sir Andrew did make the right choice after all.

The show missed a huge trick though! The musical is about 11 brothers who hate and resent their spoiled youngest sibling, and the show is about 11 wannabes who get booted off (each episode ended with a marvellous bit of emotional sadism whereby the coloured coat was STRIPPED from the loser’s back while he tearfully sang “Close Every Door To Me”!) So why not cast the 11 ex-Josephs as the brothers! Real actual resentment and hate! The ones who really couldn’t sing could be Zebulon, Gad etc.

Jun 07

A Disgruntled Glastonbaby writes…

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“I have to stay in my house ALL DAY on Saturday waiting for the Glasto ticket after a series of mishaps etc. I knew this would happen. WHY CAN’T THEY USE ROYAL MAIL AND HAVE IT WAITING FOR ME AT THE POST OFFICE? Like everybody else does, and even they did in previous years, when it was easy for me collect a ticket and didn’t involve me wasting a day of my free time with no possibility whatsoever of me even being allowed to take the risk of it going astray in order to actually receive it because their mad policy is that they have to deliver it to me according to their bureaucracy even if the eventual outcome is that I can’t receive it at all I mean it WORKED when the Royal Mail sent it, I popped down on Saturday morning to pick it up on my way to do other things WHY WHY WHY do the Eavises insist on clever ideas that add up to complete nonsense, and even when they do make a tiny bit of sense, not a huge amount mind, but at least not eking out the pandemonium and heartache of trying to get tickets for days on end, they go and wreck it, I mean there I was at two hours before the midnight deadline taking pictures of myself for their registration service and then they go and open the doors to another fortnight’s worth of shysters and ne’er-be-on-times to turn pretty decent odds into a total farce like all the previous years in fact why is E Eavis in charge anyway, its nepotism you know, I bet they didn’t advertise that job in the local paper.”

Jun 07

This post contains SPOILERS

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You heard me, SPOILERS.

Spoilers for what?



Jun 07

Poptimism – Year One

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37 mins, and 34MB, of my favourite tracks from the last year of podcasts…

Ain’t No Other Man – Aguilera, Christina
Not This Year – Aly & AJ
Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
Me & You – Cassie
Don’t Let Stars Get Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson remix) – Cortney Tidwell
Age Age Every Night – DJ Ozma
I Get Around – Dragonette
Something Kinda Ooooh (Tony Lamezma Mix) – Girls Aloud
Who Likes Who – Jordan Pruitt
D.A.N.C.E – Justice
Я – робот – Катя Чехова
Since U Been Gone – DJ Earworm (Kelly Clarkson vs Depeche Mode via Rex the Dog)
Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix) – Klaxons
With Every Heartbeat – Kleerup ft Robyn
Balance Gal – Lord Kossity
Back to Discos – Loto
Boyz – M.I.A.
Perfect Exceeder – Mason Vs Princess Superstar
Electric – Melody Club
I Know U Like Me – Mr Skillz And His Crazy Girls
Are You The One? – The Presets
Maximize – Rex The Dog
Umbrella – Rihanna
What Else Is There (Trentemøller remix) – Röyksopp ft Knife Bird
Coup De Boule – Sebastien and Emmanuel Lipszyc
Tits & Acid – Simian Mobile Disco
Tony The Beat (Rex the Dog mix) – The Sounds
Dollar Sign – Sticky feat Lady Stush
Shine – Take That
White n Nerdy – Weird Al
It’s Not Easy – WestBam ft Superpitcher


I can’t get all the news I need from the weather report

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michael-fish.jpgSo GlastoWeatherWatch has left us a little in the lurch this year (congratulations on your wedding though :)). OK, so there’s Glasto Festival Forecast attempting to fill the gap, but they look like they’ve jumped into bed with THE MAN, how can we have a reliable forecast from just one company, eh, eh???


Jun 07

Pop Open Week 1

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These are the tracks for the Pop Open, week one. Theme: sex.


What is the Pop Open? It’s a game we’re playing over at the Poptimists LJ community. It’s too late to be a contestant but not too late to be a voter (you need to be an LJ member though).

If you want to comment on the tracks do it there not here – but shhhh! don’t reveal which the ones you know are!