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the ethics of the multiple talking-head credit

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catsi. it is “100 best musicals EVAH” so — alongside cameron mackintosh and sir andrew LW and ron moody — you must obv get comment from four poofs and a piano
iii. They cannot talk all at once, even in unison (unless it is in SONG as a CHORUS)
iv. they cannot all give their individual say or they will get four times the facetime of anyone else when in fact NO ONE CARES IF THEY GET 0 x the facetime;
v. solution = one of them will speak while the others (all in shot, round piano) gaze at him adoringly; by programme’s end all will have had say; credsit always simply reads “four poofs and a piano”

vi. my friend ___’s naughtier better solution: talking-head them individually, and (as no one knows their names or recognises them uncollectively) use credit “1 x poof”

Jun 07

The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time No. 58 SHANGRI LAS – “Leader Of The Pack”

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Mysteries Of Pop #38715 – Who are the chorus on Leader of the Pack?

The backing vocalists on monumental deathpop masterpiece “Leader Of The Pack” are a gaggle of interested parties who first appear in the spoken-word section that opens the song – “Let’s ask her”. They ask two questions – “Is that Jimmy’s ring you’re wearing” and “Is he picking you up after school today?”. So we know they can’t come from the singer’s school, where everyone stops and stares, because they don’t yet know that Jimmy is dead.


Jun 07

Glastonbury 2007 sez

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I guess its too late to go round Mr and Mrs Suns gaff and see if little Jimmy Sun wants to come out and play? Am watching Gypsy nonsense in puppy parlour!
Pete, Sun 20:30

Who? Doctor The Who?
Pete, Sun 19:40

awesomewells, Sun 19:30

Ooh my feet! Mark Pompom and then Vitalic and then potential bin death. Only the calamacho can save me now!
Pete, Sun 18:15

We’re sitting having a lovely pint of real ale about 10ft from whisperin’ bob harris
Carsmile, Sun 17:15

Sweary old Dame Shirley has got this party started
triffidfarm, Sun 17:10

I have realised what glastonbury needs! A “supporters trust” so the concerns of the fans can be articulated to the management
Carsmile, Sun 12:00


i’ve got a PIANO and i’m goin to use it!

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ok my mum’s dad’s lovely blond schiedmaier boudoir grand arrived in my flat a little over six months ago, and my new year’s resolution was to PRACTICE RIGOROUSLY EVERY DAY and — apart from pressweeks and pre-deadline panic days — i have certainly PLAYED it every day i’ve actually been able to…

but even tho i have a rigorous practice programme DRAWN UP i have been a bit haphazard followin it — instead spending most playin time labouredly reading through the fairly large amount of piano sheetmusic i inherited from mum’s family (she was an only child with several piano-playing forebears): so six months into this thing i decided to MAKE THE PROCESS PUBLIC and institute 1xFT diary of my progress and my thoughts
abt it — THAT WILL BE FUN WON’T IT (pity my downstairs neighbour eh tho she has not complained yet)


Jun 07

Brandwatch Cadbury Special: Wispa Back, Wine Gums GONE

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The news of Cadbury’s job cuts has (quite understandably!) focussed on the human cost of redundancies at the ailing chocmakers.

However there is another side of the story – one captured in the Marketing Week headline – “CADBURY SET TO MASSACRE BRAND FAVOURITES”. This is no idle claim – MW alleges a raft of changes is planned including


Jun 07

Popular ’72

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This post will appear on the front page for a few days before sinking into its rightful place in the Popular Year Poll Archives.

Each song on Popular is given a mark out of 10. The year end polls are your opportunity to indicate which songs YOU would have given 6 or more to.

Which of the Number Ones of 1972 Would You Have Given 6 Or More To?

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My own lowest marks this year were 1s for “Long Haired Lover” and (more controversially) “Vincent”. My highest was a 9 for the Pigeon. Share views on the year as a whole, appropriate lists etc. in the comments box!

The Forgotten Game

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My parents played it incessantly in my youth. They had some kind of clockwork machine to help them which fascinated me.

My in-laws also played it a lot.

My Aunt still does.

What is it?


LITTLE JIMMY OSMOND – “Long Haired Lover From Liverpool”

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#324, 23rd December 1972

Lil Jimmy O 

My feeling – hard to pin down – is that this record is something new under the chart sun: the birth of a different kind of novelty hit. The “novelty records” that have featured on Popular before now have been so mostly because they’re comedy songs or because they’re hits appealing to the well-established music tastes of people who don’t usually buy singles. “Ernie” might be an example of the first, “Amazing Grace” the second.

“Long Haired Lover” is something else entirely. It’s a bad record, and what’s more it’s a deliberately bad record: a record whose badness has been specifically calibrated to appeal to people who find the idea of a small child making a record endearing, but only if said child makes something this toothily, winsomely, perkily, grotesquely, exploitatively bad. To be fair there is also a market for spookily competent children as well as angelically rubbish ones – recent show Britain’s Got Talent had one of each in its final as far as I could see, though both were beaten by an opera singer. A child performer as bouncily horrible as Little Jimmy, though, manages to shame even this ignoble variety tradition, as well as being a poisonous force in pop. Poisonous because this stuff sold and taught promoters that you didn’t even need the veneer of songcraft or production quality of a “Grandad” to make a smash. Five weeks, for mercy’s sakes – and only the first of them at Xmas, so that’s almost a MONTH of Little Jimmy souring the already bleak midwinter.

(Of course, “Mouldy Old Dough” can also be taken (wrongly) as a deliberately bad novelty hit, designed to appeal to people who thought it was great that an old granny with a piano could get into the charts, a set of people which plainly includes me. So it’s not that I find the appeal of Little Jimmy inexplicable – just intolerable.)

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Cross AlbumJustice’s † album
To some ‘just noise’, to others a threat to dance music. Or something. I can’t stop listening to it.
[Amazon] [ILM thread]

Jun 07

The FreakyTrigger TOP 25 Brands: 20. APPLE RECORDS

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200px-apple_6a_label.jpgThat’s Apple Records. Not Apple Computers. Or indeed Apple Martin-Paltrow. Both a blatant rip-off of Apple records logo etc.

So Apple Records. That is beatle band record label. Why is it so important, its only a record label. Well Apple was one of the very first stabs at a creative entity (the Beatles) owning the means of production and distribution. Being able to set up a stall and rake the money in directly. To ignore THE SUITS and do what the hell they wanted. Of course it was just a shame that what the hell they wanted was Mary Hopkin records and The White Album, but then such is the way with truly innovative ideas. And as a brand Apple was very easy to understand, there was that nice picture of the Granny Smith on the label.