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Clean Yr Head While Asleep: THE BRILLO PILLOW

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chillow_pic.gifNo: Don’t be stupid. Using a giant scouring pad with super cheap soap imbedded inside as a pillow would both be
a) uncomfortable, and
b) a rubbish way to clear your head.

However, what if you problem is not night-time head cleaning, but a hot head. And I don’t mean in the figurative sense. Then you need the Chillow Pillow, a pillow wot – er – chills your head down. It is a very strange thing indeed. Not refrigerated, not “cold”, the Chillow Pillow apparently will gradually draw heat away from your head. How it does this is unclear, except via the use of SoothSoft Comfort Technology (these words are trademarked and I use them at considerable risk). Here, read all about it. Note the 30-day cooling off period for online sales (ha ha). Scientists amongst us might second a guess to how this all works, cos it seems magical to me.

BUT, what is best about it is of course the name. The Chillow Pillow. So few products plump with rhyming in the name any more, so well done. And if they do bring out a Brillo Chillow Pillow (made of Willow) don’t be surprised.

Let’s Make Glastonbury Better!

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It’s amazing how ideas come to you sometimes. There I was, surrounded by mud and rain and more mud, cursing the lack of urinal at the top of the New Band Tent (call it by it’s name) Field when it suddenly struck me. All the issues I had with Glastonbury reminded me of something, see if you can spot it:

1. “Father knows best” autocratic owner increasingly getting in to bed with commercial interests that seem to have only negative impacts on the punter

2. Said punters being treated like cattle with little thought for our comfort or welfare

3. Increasing costs and declining facilities

4. Being constantly told by media/controlling interests that you’re part of the best festival in the world, when you can clearly see the cracks round the edges

5. The complete lack of feedback mechanisms for us to get our views across to those in charge

Yes, being at Glastonbury is exactly like being a football fan, and what have football fans done about this? Formed Supporters Trusts, by the hundred!


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pacman2.pngPac Man: The Movie.
Makes as much sense as the Doom one.

Gross Stupidity pt 2

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Those of us who have enjoyed the many varied series of 24 have been sad to see its decline this year. But maybe it is just as well. This season the torture porn was scaled back a touch, in favour self mutilation (people chopping off their own hands for a change). But it is the use of torture in the show which has most people concerned. Not because it is in itself unpleasant to watch (it is certainly dramatic), but more that it seems to create a built in apology for torture in actual warfare situations. Not to mention in other TV shows (what are th chances on that plane crsh their would be TWO world class conmen AND A QUALIFIED TORTURER*?).

However when an actual US Supreme Court Justice cites Jack Bauer’s success in the show as a justification IN ITSELF for torture, the world has gone nuts. And I quote:

“Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles. … He saved hundreds of thousands of lives,” Judge Scalia said. Then, recalling Season 2, where the agent’s rough interrogation tactics saved California from a terrorist nuke, the Supreme Court judge etched a line in the sand.