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KITAN on the KEYS: a bad pianist’s practice diary #1

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chopintoday was xi and x and nothing else [see here for haha key]:
the bach i just played through twice — it’s just like a computergame, how far can i get before i get zapped (by my own fumbly fingers partly, but also by failing to look ahead and remember the trick): ans = first time bar 5 [it’s only 27 bars long] at a place i have got perfectly right before now, and what was nice is that the next two bars went more or less exactly right after the fumble; second time bar six. In both cases it’s about a non-intuitive fingering trick, so if i keep my head, I’ll go straight through (and of course then fall over right after when I’m still patting myself on the back for getting through). I can also feel that speed is picking up on the second page, tho it’s still a LOT slower


FT Periodic Table: Element 4: POP

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pop.jpgPop. It is what Freaky Trigger was about. Here, have a look at some of the early articles (COO-EE Who remembers INDIESHITE!). It was Tom Ewing’s pop fanzine, when suddenly fanzine became websites. It was quite a reputable one too. We had favourable reviews left right and centre, well Tom did. Because whilst there were a few articles written by other people, the lions share of the site was written by Tom: it was clearly his website so his gaff his rules. Though as someone who wrote something was back then the rules were pleasantly light (Tom has never been one to insist on a style guide). Just be interesting about pop music. Oh, and try not to make too many typos*.

It is quite hard to remember a world before the internet, and what I believe is called the Poptimist position was less prevalent than it is now.


Pop Open Week 3

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This week’s theme is INJUSTICE. If you want to join in with the voting and discussion, go here. If you know what a track is, please don’t let on!

the ethics of the multiple talking-head credit

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catsi. it is “100 best musicals EVAH” so — alongside cameron mackintosh and sir andrew LW and ron moody — you must obv get comment from four poofs and a piano
iii. They cannot talk all at once, even in unison (unless it is in SONG as a CHORUS)
iv. they cannot all give their individual say or they will get four times the facetime of anyone else when in fact NO ONE CARES IF THEY GET 0 x the facetime;
v. solution = one of them will speak while the others (all in shot, round piano) gaze at him adoringly; by programme’s end all will have had say; credsit always simply reads “four poofs and a piano”

vi. my friend ___’s naughtier better solution: talking-head them individually, and (as no one knows their names or recognises them uncollectively) use credit “1 x poof”