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Jun 07

BRANDWATCH: London 2012 (aka MINE EYES!)

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london2012.jpgSo they have unveiled a new logo for the 2012 Olympic games. Some quatrters are calling this the most significant step since we won the right to host the Limpies two years ago. I would suggest that the plans, the compulsory purchase orders and the endless Evening Standard stories about Council Tax and going over budget are more significant. But this is certainly not a logo that you can ignore.

It takes a bit of getting used to, especially after the previous very clear logo. This one is clearly designed for a multi-media age with its fluro-colours which one assumes probably flash like a graphic from a BBC B computer (Remember the BBC had 16 colours, 8 of which were flashing such as magenta and yellow. Note, flashing does not make it a new colour). If there is one design aesthetic involved here, it can only be that of Myspace.