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Apr 07

Focus Group 11 – JOJO

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JOJO – “Too Little Too Late” – Score: 4.56 (10th) – Controversy: 2.40 (18th)

(Females: 12th. Males: 8th. Under 30s: 7th. Over 30s: 11th.)

Most like: Avril Lavigne. Most unlike: Maximo Park


The Universal Declaration Of Robot Rights

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johnny-five.jpgScientists are being naive in saying that the government report on granting rights to robots is a waste of time. But then scientists are always the last people to apologise when their wacky projects accidentally end up grafting intelligent robotic arms onto their back turning them into meglomaniacal villains. Its unlikely, say the scientists, that intelligence which would require any kind of rights is going to be developed in robots in the near future. And then they tell us that there is already a robotic KILLING MACHINE patrolling the North/South Korean border.



Poptimism – Lesson Thirty Six

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Ao Limite Eu Vou – NonStop (Misbehavin’ Rap Mix)

Me And My Imagination – Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Tony Lamezma Remix)

Super Star – S.H.E

Love Today – Mika (Rob Mello Remix)

Please – Robert Smith & Paul Hartnoll

Heart Of Gold – Boney M

Typical – Frazier Chorus



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Working from home yesterday afternoon I happened to catch this FANTASTIC PROGRAMME on CBBC. Here is the premise: a group of bright kids, and a group of businessmen, compete on a new product design brief – in the episode I saw yesterday this was inventing a new kind of ice cream. The businessmen included a market researcher who I had seen speak at the industry conference about how he was down with the kids and involved celebrities like Roll Deep and Kano (and erm Ian McCulloch) in his new groovy research.

Anyway Beat The Boss does what I had thought impossible (in fact I had never thought of it at all!) – televised market research that is REALLY ENTERTAINING.