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now why would this make anyone suspect match-fixing?

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The Guardian reports a very amusing scandal in Ghanaian football. If two teams both won on the last day of their season, promotion to the top division would be decided by goal difference. At half-time it was 1-0 to the promotion hopefuls in each game. Then, it is alleged, both managers or other interested parties bribed the opposition to concede a few extra goals in the second half…


FT Periodic Table: Element 2: SPACEWAR

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spacewar.jpgWhat explains the prominence of this odd item in the Freaky Trigger Periodic Table. What is it that makes the idea of Spacewar so essential to what underpins everything Freakytrigger stands for? is it

a) The idea of thrill-power which Tom talks about here, and here, and is almost certainly embodied in 2000AD which often had massive shots of war in space to illustrate the gritty future WE WOULD ALL INHERIT.

b) Is it the fear of the US Star Wars weapons programme, and Star Wars 2, elevating the up to now depressingly mundane and earthbound idea of war to a whole new plane, one which previously had been for dreamers and optimists only. The bloody carnage of bodies floating in zero gravity with a frozen AIIIIEEEE! stuck in their gullet is a universal fear surely?

c) A tacit acknowledgement than the Star Wars films are real actual history, due to taking place “A Long Time Ago”


FT Top 100 Songs: 61: CARL DOUGLAS – Kung Fu Fighting

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shawbroslogo.jpgThere is a rule in the FT Top 100 which means that Tom won’t write about a number one: clearly he is going to write about all of them in Popular. And he is not a million miles away from reaching Carl Douglas’s Kung Fu Fighting: and what’s more I will preemptively guess that it will get a pretty high score. Why wouldn’t it, its a novelty record which is actually a really great record at the same time. Tying into a fad, it appeals to five year-olds, and yet has stuck as a cultural touchstone for well over thirty years (indeed one of the few reasons it might not get a 10 from Tom is that he possibly prefers the Bus Stop version from the nineties). What more is there to say though except to note a generosity of spirit and absence of overt-racism* in which was not necessarily apparent in the day (see the Hammer House two kung fu films to see what I mean: The Legend Of The Seven Golden Vampires in particular).


Gr8 K8

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It is Kate Bush week on Stylus Magazine, with a special edition of their Singles Jukebox (which involves me) – and also check out Marcello Carlin’s lead article, an excellent summary of her career and its significance.

The Theme Tune To Dad’s Army

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dadsarmy_main.gif“Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler” sings Bud Flanagan at the start of Dad’s Army. I think you’ll find that Herr Hitler was not “kidding” anyone, and was deadly serious about his attempted conquest of Europe. Indeed as statements in song about World War II this is almost as crass as “How could you lose, six million Jews?”, by Emerson Lake and Palmer. But then what would you expect from a TV show whose express purpose seemed to be to demonstrate how Britain won the war by being old, incontinent and deliberately unfunny. A bit like that Genesis comeback tour then.