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Now you may only know them for their global hit Cotton-Eyed Joe, but there is more to the fabulous Rednex than this one hit WONDER! Old Pop In An Oak! Er. And other stuff too. Their unique dance meets country style (well except for Swamp Thing by The Grid) means that they are often in demand for soundtracks* and Students’ Union PA’s in Sweden.


BRANDWATCH: Coco Pops Creations

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cp_creations_3d.jpgKellogg’s, ah Kellogg’s. Never has there been such a company with such an insatiable desire to stretch a brand to breaking point. You would think there was a pretty limited number of ways you could serve up cereals. Pretty much one per cereal chosen. But ever since they coated some Corn Flakes in sugar to make Frosties (They’re SWEEEEET!) the R&D guys have not stopped. Why only in Tesco’s the other day I noticed Corn Flakes with Honey, one assumes for people who find Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes (cornflakes with honey and nuts) too extreme. Or have nut allergies. Nevertheless it is in the world of the Coco Pop where the most design money is spent. Not on Coco the monkey himself of course, who hasn’t changed in twenty odd years (still with the same annoying yelpy voice). But look at the varieties the Coco Pops brand stretches to: Mega Munchers, Coco Rocks, Coco Pops Straws…


Products Which Should Exist Due To a Clever Punning Name, But Don’t: 1: The Fanta-Stick

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fanta-stick1.jpg1: The Fanta-Stick

Possibly invented to tie in with the Christopher Ecclestone incarnation of Doctor Who, for whom this was his catchword. And seeing what we say, it is clear that the Fanta-Stick would be a slightly fizzy* orange lolly marketed by the Coca-Cola company. Perhaps a lot of thought would be put into making it, or perhaps they would just put a stick into a can of Fanta and freeze it.