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ALEX GAUDINO ft CRYSTAL WATERS – “Destination Calabria” – Score: 3.90 (15th) – Controversy: 2.46 (16th)

(Females: 18th. Males: 11th. Under 30s: 13th. Over 30s: 16th)

Most like: Avril Lavigne. Most unlike: Mika.


The Pornography Of Ice-Dancing: Is Blades Of Glory Homophobic?

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blades.jpgNo. Its not. No more than the society that spawns it. Which would actually make it homophobic, so less so than the society which spawned it. Indeed the fundamental idea behind the film is only funny in a homophobic society. A society which allows a sport to exist which deliberately promote heterosexual relationships in opposition to other types of relationships seems more homophobic than a film where two straight men find putting their face in another mans balls unpleasant. Not least because of the personal hygiene of said ball owners.

Unfortunately the male/female make up of the dancers is laid down almost on page one of the rules* as laid down by the International Skating Union: And I quote:


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brainspoken3.jpgifyoulikeitsomuchwhydont- yougolivethere
Comments found on the BBC “Have Your Say” site are funny and yet immensely saddening at the same time. Metro’s letter pages… “on acid”.

Poptimism – Lesson Thirty Five

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Life On Mars – Co.Ro. ft. Lyen (Gene Hunt’s Smoke And Listen Mix)

Earth Intruders – Bjork (Mark Stent Extended Edit)

Touch Your Toes – Armand Van Helden ft. Fat Joe and Bl

(Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving – Baby D

End Of Days – Seeed ft. Maya Dela Gwada

You’re So Vain – The Black Neon

Get What You Deserve – Bertine Zetlitz

Black Gloves – Goose


Why I Suck At Scrabble

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I have just had an enlightening conversation with FT’s own Sarah C during which I made the astonishing – to me and me only – discovery that you’re allowed to change your tiles over in Scrabble if your rack is rub. Sarah’s reply to this was “have you never looked at the rules ever?” and my answer has to be “Erm….no actually.”