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Focus Group 11 – JUST JACK

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JUST JACK – “Starz In Their Eyes” – Score: 3.80 (16th) – Controversy: 2.70 (10th)

(Females: 16th. Males: 14th. Under 30s: 14th. Over 30s: 17th.)

Most like: The View. Most unlike: MIA.


OMG way to make history harder d00dz LOL :-)

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with respect to the plausible workload of the tireless annalists of the future, which is worse?
i. the fact that the white house — by law required to archive all its emails — has apparently “lost” five million of them
ii. the fact that there are HOW MANY MILLION STILL LEFT UNDELETED?

clue: a million minutes is nearly two years, and that’s just reading time

FT Top 100 Songs: 62: GLEN CAMPBELL – Wichita Lineman

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I have a firm belief that this is the first song I ever heard.


As the weeest of wee nippers, I would happily burble along, or toddle precariously around the living room as my mother did no end of never-ending housework. To do these acts she was accompanied by noise, and where Jeremy Kyle or Trisha have sufficed for a later generation, my mother had a tape player as part of our Sony Hi-Fi (my Dad was ever the early adopter, thwarted by how much money he was allowed to spend*). I was not allowed to touch it of course, and my mother was restricted pretty much to the basic operation of turning on the radio (tuned to Capital and Roger Scott) or playing a tape. And my mother only had two tapes.


Not With The Beatles

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Fifth Beatle Quits says BBC.

It won’t surprise you to know that I think most musicians are a bit dim. But even I have to admit that they’re usually cleverer than the people working for them.

“The man responsible for the Beatles’ business affairs has quit after more than 40 years with the band. Neil Aspinall, 64, started out as the group’s road manager and used to drive them to gigs in his van.”

I think it would take most people less than 27 years to notice that the band they roadie for has split up.

If Fahrenheit 9/11 also had a bit about Michael Moore’s divorce in it

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(Il Caimano) The Caiman* is Nanni Morretti’s scathing satire about Silvio Berlusconi, released like a stealth bomb in Italian cinemas just before their last election. The Caiman is a relationship comedy about a marriage breaking down. The Caiman is a farce about a lousy producer making a comeback film that no-one wants to fund.

The Caiman is all three of these. Here is a pie chart of the contribution the various plot strands of the film makes.