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Focus Group 11 – MIKA

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MIKA – “Grace Kelly” – Score: 3.68 (17th) – Controversy: 2.59 (14th)

(Females: 10th. Males: 19th. Under 30s: 18th. Over 30s: 15th)

Most like: Take That. Most unlike: FHM High Street Honeyz.


People Are Strange, Doors Fans Are Stranger aka What’s Up, Cock?

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Want proof? Here are a bunch of Doors fans seeking a pardon for Jim Morrison. Now if you ask me, there is absolutely no forgiveness availible for the heinous crimes committed by the so called Lizard King. Not only was their stoner rock lazy, lacksidasical and unintelligable, they spawned two generations of even lazier, lacksadaisic mumble bonces since. But apparently, these low IQ-ed Doors fans don’t want a pardon for his crimes against humanity. Instead they want a pardon for a very specific crime. One of exposing himself in-front of an audience in Florida.


FT Top 100 Songs: 63: TAKE THAT – Back For Good

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fake-that.jpg* The recent Take That revival has brought them up as a topic of conversation in my flat. My American flatmate saying to me that she was surprised the Take That had been quite so big over in the UK. I replied that Take That were like Wham!, N’Sync and The Jackson Five all rolled into one: and they were. But without Back For Good, there would be no big revival now, no number one albums. Back For Good is both the high-point of Take That’s career, and the millstone around their neck. It was the song that cemented critical respectability, it was the song that stopped them being just a boy band.

Which is a problem because at the heart of it, Take That were already not just a boy band. They were THE boy band.


Worst Film Of The Year (so far)

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Last year, no film annoyed me more than All The Kings Men, deathly dull remake of the Robert Penn Warren book, which had already been filmed serviceably. What was wrong with it was an absence of life, and a collection of heritage performances (Sean Penn, Jude Law and Tony Hopkins) which belonged in different films. But more than that, there was a general feeling that the film itself was worthless. It was redundant due to the book and previous film, but cynicism also propped up an idea of a literary classic + topical politics = OSCARS!


The same cannot quite be said about Meet The Robinsons: though there is still a cynical worthlessness which stinks out the entire film.


The Rock Of Barnet?

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Every now and then I like to look at the collected quotes of British football as punted on the BBC website to gauge the state of the game. After all football managers are interviewed incessantly, and as a large group of people there are always a few of them who spit out fruity and downright stupid missives. If you add to this the large number of hopeless sports journalists who ask stupid or banal questions you have a recipe for a handy box in every newspaper every week. But the quotes are not just from the great Northern plain speakers*, the European influx of “great thinker” types like Mourinho and Wenger have perked up the scene. So it is amusing when the oft fined for saying ref’s are crap Arsene Wenger says, “They have my credit card number, and we will say ‘how much do you need this week? Let’s do it’.” about another FA fine.

I daresay others might find this Wenger quote amusing too. When asked about the number of international games he has to release players for, he muses as follows: “You now have Gibraltar who want to come in. Why not Barnet? It is the same.” Now it is poor form to pick up the factual accuracy of what a football manager says in the heat of the moment. So I shall do it. Five ways in which Barnet is unlike Gibraltar.


The Knitler Diaries

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I promised to blog this dream last week and failed to. My unconscious has not allowed me to dream since so for the sake of my sanity, if not the world’s, KNITLER MUST LIVE.

“My dream yesterday involved a lot of work stuff, and then work deciding it was time to get rid of the library for cost-cutting purposes (NB we don’t have a library). So I went to the library closing-down clearout and found a book called “KNITLER” about N4zi knitting techniques. I turned to Sarah C who had come with me to find books and said excitedly “Look it’s Knitler” and she told me very haughtily that of course she already had it.”