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Focus Group 11 – FALL OUT BOY

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FALL OUT BOY – “This ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race” – Score: 3.48 (18th) – Controversy: 3.23 (2nd)

(Females: 17th. Males: 16th. Under 30s: 17th. Over 30s: 19th.)

Most like: Just Jack. Most unlike: Kaiser Chiefs.


Mines a PI – nt

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Pi to five million placesThe pie edition of FT and their loverly lollards was notable for having more research per square inch for any episode. Which was a touch infuriating when I couldn’t get it out and instead fell back on fallacious articles about there being “not enough time for God to write down pi*”. A much better argument would have been due to nondeterminancy, which is to say that there not being an exact definition for pi means that God does not know everything, which removes God’s omniscience in one fell swoop. And if that doesn’t do it, Quantum Physics does.


lingua franca no longa: the ppl vs pop part 39084570239847

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spectori. the eggheads at crooked timber wrestle* with the defn of EMO**
ii. phil “wall of sound” spector murder trial begins and no one much notices

*actually they don’t, they just assume that BIG MEDIA doesn’t “GET” the “KIDS”***
**as invented by ilx’s C0L1N MEEDER
***ps i forgot to post abt it on FT but i watched a documentary a couple of weeks back in which Professor Geoffrey Beattie (Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester; third most nitwitty BB shrink) explored the dynamics of friend-making in the emo scene in bath — conclusions: the emo scene in bath is ULTRAPOSH; Geoffrey Beattie is still an idiot