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Apr 07

Grocus Foup

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I’m sure you’re all looking forward to Poptimism today. But if by some mischance you can’t make it, and want to take part in the Instant Focus Group, just email saying so.

(The catch? You’ll only have till noon tomorrow to get your votes in – this is, after all, an Instant Focus Group!)

Watch this space tomorrow for the results…

300 PeopleHigh, and Rising

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The human being isn’t very good at comprehending quantity (its why there are people with special jobs to survey them). That‘s not just the drunk stating he’s had twenty pints instead of four, or even the same drunk estimating the number of inches in his package size. The human being can recognise only about seven individuals as separate items until they have to laboriously start counting each of them to get an accurate head count.

My point it, what does three hundred people look like? Especially if they are all dressed the same?