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Apr 07

EMI and iTunes news update

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They’re going to start offering higher quality (256 kbps AAC) downloads DRM-free. Yes you heard.

Single tracks 99p, albums STAY THE SAME. So you get high-quality DRM free albums for the same cost as today’s lower quality albums.

All very clever and well done them. I’m dying to see how this turns out – as of course are EMI. This could break them, or it could revive them from their much discussed decline of late. I’ve always steered clear of iTunes downloads because of the quality issue – srsly. Now you can get the same quality as when you RIP the CD you bought off Amazon or (god forbid) FOPP on the high-street, and at quite an impressive price. And no premium if you want to upgrade – you pay the price difference, 20p per track, to get the better DRM-free version.


My only quibble is I had to sit through two The Good, The Bad and The Queen tracks before the announcement.

“Go for the Sibelius! You won’t be sorry.”

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TOTP debacle aside, the BBC knows full well you don’t need viewers to have a successful brand, especially if said brand is cheap as Mars Bars to make.

The BBC’s longest running programme celebrated its 50th birthday last night in typical fashion: a half-hour show broadcast at 11:30 pm.