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Apr 07

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Week 13

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The penultimate episode of Freaky Trigger’s radio programme, as previously broadcast between 12 and 1pm on London’s wonderful Resonance 104.4FM. Today’s show features: a taste test of Wu Tang Clams, darrrrk Transformers, the faked abduction of Sarah Greene and a lot of silly names.

by the time we got to woodsticks we were 50,000 strong (aka CALL IT BY ITS NAME watch)

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toothpicksas you can (sort of) see, the label sez:

Total Care

Freshmint flavour


100 double ended
with fluoride”

i. the freshmint and fluoride presumably mean you no longer need to brush yr teeth ever
ii. hence the phrase “total care”
iii. “double ended” AS OPPOSED TO WHAT?
iv. photo and purchase courtesy eli and emma
v. yes foax they are TOOTHPICKS

Bishop Angry Over Glastonbury Anti-Christian Ticket Sales

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bishop.jpgThe Glastonbury Festival has come under attack by an unlikely source this morning, just before the 1,400,000 tickets go on sale. The Bishop of Bath and Wells, whose diocese contains the Parish of Glastonbury has gone on an unprecedented attack at what he sees to be the unchristian organisation of this years ticket sales.

“Glastonbury used to be a time of Christian celebration, a space where we could reclaim the summer solstice from those filthy Pagan’s,” the Rt Reverend Simon Price said. “But organising the ticket sales for a Sunday morning is a direct snub at the large number of Christians who will have planned to go to the festival. At 9am on a Sunday morning, I would expect any good Christian to be either at or on their way to Church.