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“It’s Hot” and tepid celebrity comic strips

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Minorly incensed at lollard Magnus’s deliberate snub of “It’s Hot” magazine (see the recent Lollards episode), specifically the Busted cartoon strip therein, I have bought the latest issue of this BBC mag as a catch up. (Fortunately my work colleagues are used to me distributing the free gifts from magazines like this, and the Lindsay/Paris/Christina nail gloss was actually well received.)

They’ve really scaled down the comic strips from the height of pop-love when i bought it semi-regularly 2 or 3 years back. It used to be a separate “pull out” section featuring Busted, EastEnders, “back stage” at Top o the Pops, “PopSchool” and a variety of low-level teen ‘sleb stuff usually featuring people like Peter Andre and Fearne Cotton playing practical jokes on each other. Quite different from the “Look In” era of “The Story of ABBA”, near-documentary, strips, but still part of the “so important they merit a comic” canon.

Casualty with Lil Chris
[UPDATED with extra scans now]

Weighing in at a (mc)flyweight 8 sides, here’s what you missed in the February comics pages:


Guinness Red – Salad of all the Guinness! (hott pictoral evidence comix)

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salad of all the guinness
Guinness Red, in it’s unnatural environment, yesterday.

Your reporter’s verdict is v similar to existing feedback, tasteless and quite unexciting. Had to follow it up with several other pints of normal Guinness to shock tastebuds back into sensation. Didn’t notice any Guinness Red beermats/bar towels etc for limited edition merchandise grabbing either! Freaky Trigger’s earlier reporter mentions Guinness Red tasting similar to Caffreys – I didn’t believe this could be so, being quite a fan of Caffreys now you mention it – but it seems Caffreys (or at least the stuff in the O’Neils) has suffered by watering down of not only percentage but also taste and creaminesss. Wah!