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IHM Lyrics Watch: The View – “Same Jeans”

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“I take my hat right off to the busker man”

There are two ways of viewing this lyric by unambitious bottom-feeders The View.


Pigs (Sausages) In Blankets (Bacon (Pig) / Biscuit (Dough))

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Post Lollardry, the brief moment of inspiration re the anti-euphemism of Pigs In Blankets got some of our listeners texting in angrily. Namely that my pig in batter version was shot down in flames. So further scientific research happily proves that everyone is right. Namely that pigs in blankets in the UK is indeed a chipolata wrapped in bacon. But in the US, a battery dough is involved, hence ending up with the sausage roll ideal I mentioned. My source for this? Why Wikipedia of course.

And tune in next week to Wikipedia and the Lollards Of Pop (though Wikipedia does not confirm the other three signs of the Chinese zodiac discarded after the Rape Of Nanjing). And roll on April 24th: lets make the US National Pigs In Blanket day an international celebration.

Today is US National Chocolate Mint Day. Everybody grab an After Eight and celebrate.

I scream, you scream, we all scream….in horror!

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Marmite Guinness This is apparently a limited edition of Guinness Marmite (or is that “Marmite – Guinness”?) available from 19 Feb 2007. Your exercise, dear reader, is to guess the Target Demographic. I personally have no idea.

Exercise 2: what do you spread this on?

“Have you no decency, man?”

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One of the top reads on the interwebs lately has been The Diary Of Ralph Dibny, even though it’s completely incomprehensible if you’re not a comics fan who’s been reading DC’s 52 series. The conceit of the comic is that it tells a year in ‘real time’, one week per weekly issue. Since it has a large cast and shifts the focus around, this leaves several characters with large chunks of unexplained downtime, and the blog – ghost-written by sometime FT writer Vic Fluro, aka my brother Al – fills this downtime (and goes well beyond that). Technically speaking, it’s fan fiction, but particularly caustic and very very funny fan fiction.

Things have now progressed to the point where the Diary blog has managed to ruin, or rather INCREDIBLY ENHANCE, the actual content of the comic for me.


A God Enraged!

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Fantastic Four #225 – “The Blind God’s Tears”

Published: 1980

Creative Team: Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz

Summary: The team have found themselves in a strange crystal biosphere, somewhere in the Arctic Circle, where a race of Vikings worship Korgon, a fifteen-foot tall ‘God’. Korgon keeps the biosphere going with his radioactive crimson tears, but he has recently begun to die and wants the team to save him. Complications ensue but essentially, they do.

Analysis: A comic badly in need of coherence. The turn of the 80s were a somewhat directionless time for Marvel, with Jim Shooter still establishing his editorial reign, and the company riding out a lean time for the industry with toy and film tie-in comics and slightly desperate creations like the ‘Disco Dazzler’.


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when oh when will the academics turn their minds to the things that REALLY matter?

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lorryin-depth socio-cultural analysis is required of what large lorries do and say when backing up viz:
i. beeping (common) (as muck)
ii. “ATTENTION! This VE-HICLE is reVARSING!” (i hear this most weeks in hackney, but have not yet seen the lorry in question — the accent is not-quite posh but the delivery is, in a sort of male jolly-hockey-sticks YOU MUST DO THIS NOW but IT’S ALL A BIT OF FUN type way)
iii. other (er = plz do my homework for me ok thx bye)