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Feb 07

really bony easy fish soup #2: BLAFF!

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snapperThis is a snapper stew from Martinique: Sophie Grigson who i stealed it from spells it w/o the exclamation mark but — tho daughter of POET she be – – she is clearly WRONG, as proven by Bopkids Lollardry heretofore. Can be served with rice if you need it bulking up, or hot crusty bread, but as with all fish stews it is DECEPTIVELY FILLING, and will probbly last for days if you have the tupperware. It takes minimum of 90m mins to make: most of this is standing time, tho, as the prep is not arduous


Guess my theory! (warning: may induce lemurs)

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Watching the Brit Awards on Wednesday brought to mind the theory of (yes, you guessed right) Reverse Evolution


It can ony be a matter of time before we are ALL lemurs…