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Feb 07

The Old Person Fancies Young Person Plot

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So in The Mother, Anne Reid plays a woman in her late fifties, visiting her daughter in London who falls in love with her boyfriend and has Teh Sex with him. He is a bit hairy and not at all as attractive as Daniel Craig these days. But it was hailed as an uncomfortable, but timely film about age discrimination and the potential attractiveness of an older generation, there being twenty five years (supposedly) separating Reid and Craig’s characters. The lead actress, the oldie in the piece, was nominated for an Oscar. Director Roger Michell and writer Hanif Kureishi managed to walk a difficult path on this film, but the eventual film – whilst a touch painful to watch – was quite impressive.



Moving Funny Folk

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One of my favourite old bits of FT was Funny Folk, Al Ewing’s take on the New Yorker cartoons, which adequately speared the obvious: namely that New Yorker cartoons not only stated the obvious, they stated the obvious five years after anyone else had noticed and two years after they cared. More importantly, they were not even vaguely funny (not Al’s ones – his of course were a step removed and became part of the joke). Now I can’t find the Funny Folk cartoons anywhere, which is a pity, for I suggest Al updates them for a new menace.

Anyway, in their usual timely fashion, The New Yorker have decided to embrace this Internets thing, and maybe make some of their groundbreaking cartoons move. Animated New Yorker cartoons, where instead of reading the dog on the computer say “On The Internet, no-one knows you’re a dog” you can hear it said in a funny voice. Someone has wasted a small amount of time on these. I suggest you don’t.

(Note the name of the webpage by the way is Internet.)