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Feb 07

Nine Reasons The Vaguely Tech-Literate Hate Our IT Guy/Gal

FT + Proven By Science11 comments • 706 views

Since mean-spriritedness is in the air (not here obv, but in other places and of course on the emo kid / indie kid / Tanya Pink Floyd articles) I thought I would respond to Alan’s continuation to the Digg 9 Things The non-tech savvy do to…. (Ha Ha, linking like that so it causes a posting trackback is one of those things which I am sure annoys the IT guys gals).

The thing is I am not an IT expert, but I am a bit tech savvy. I fall between these two stools. But unfortunately the IT guys/gals here lump everyone who does not work in their area in the same boat. So here are my highly subjective nine.


Mais Non!

FT6 comments • 377 views

Johnny Halliday to change nationality.

Where will the cheap jokes about French rock come from now? Can we expect a New Beat album?

Poptimism – Lesson Twenty Nine

Poptimism Podcast2 comments • 1,104 views

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Westlife (Sunset Strippers remix)

Shine – Take That

Get Lucky – Dragonette

Dream on – Robyn & Ola Salo

Say It Right – Nelly Furtado

XR2 Turbo – MIA


don’t eat the glowing squirrels

Pumpkin Publog2 comments • 505 views

NJ officials say: don’t eat the squirrels, they’re contaminated with toxic waste

Where do I even begin???

Is this why the various revisions of Joy of Cooking don’t have entries on how to skin and prepare squirrels anymore?

Better Than Ezra

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Poking my head up from my current secret hideaway from those menko Pink Floyd fans, to test the water. And who better to test this water on than Better Than Ezra fans. Let’s be fair, a pretty small subsection. And group to whom I only have one thing to say.