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Brandwatch: Menace To The Max

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Next week, DC Thomson are launching Beano MAX, not a low-sugar version of the popular kids’ comic but instead a giant size, kind-of-monthly publication with longer stories “designed to give these well-known characters more depth”.

These words might well strike fear into any self-respecting menace. I cannot imagine that too many fans of Dennis, Gnasher, Teacher, Little Plum et al. have ‘depth’ very high on their narrative shopping list when it comes to the Beano.

Longer stories, however, are to be encouraged. When small the Beano launched Beano Comic Library, pocketbook-size comics at one or two panels per page, which would send their protagonists on epically rambling, loosely plotted adventures. Depth wasn’t on the cards.

And to be honest the early omens for Beano MAX aren’t bad. The first issue, after all, includes the (UNEQUIVOCALLY CANONICAL) “Bash Street Meets The Daleks”.

Poptimism – Lesson Twenty Eight

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Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Love Hammer – Layo & Bushwacka! v MC Hammer (Outlaws bootleg)

Rattled Little Clam – Lullaby Baxter

Oh, MJ! – The Little Ones (stereolab vocal remix)

Painted By Numbers – The Sounds


TV Sci-Fi For Kids: The Year Is 1987… (Porn version)

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Buck In The 25th“…And America launches the last of NASA’s deep space probes…”

Of the two US space operas available to me as a child, and then again as an “ironic” Def II viewing late teenager, I always much prefered Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. It wasn’t just Erin Grey’s catsuits, but the more day-glo adventures of Gil Gerrard seemed more fun than the doom laden Battlestar Galactica crew. How little I knew what DOOM LAIDEN really meant, watch the all new Galactica for that. But Buck, Wilma (hmm, I guess names go in cycles) and of course Twiki were just plain fun. And that’s before proto-Emo-bird-boy Hawk turned up on the scene.


Thoughts from a 76

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Is there another major thoroughfare in London that has such a great array of divers buildings as Fleet Street?
Three Wren churches (OK, so St Clements Danes is *just* Aldwych), The deco majesty of the Express Building, the Protestant Truth Society, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (and 7 other pubs), Coutts with its round windows with pointy bits on the bottom to stop the riffraff sitting in them and three or four 80s office blocks. I feel for the poor old Temple Bar now tucked away unloved round the back of St Pauls, behind the monstrosity of a bland curve of buildings.

One of my bus routes to work takes me down Fleet Street and almost every day I see something new, ooh look there’s Mary, Queen of Scots above the Pret a Manger, St Brides peeking out behind the Punch Tavern. Searching for the history of the street itself is a little difficult as “Fleet Street” tends to bring up newspaper histories (I think Reuters and DC Thompson are the only two left), but I did find this corking 19th century history full of riots, witches and Chaucer slapping saucy friars, marvellous there. Clearly, I need to do some Proper Research and Report Back.