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the Trades Unions have called a strike! Capitalists miss two turns at the dice.

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class struggleAmong the various ground-breaking concepts mooted in the latest nerve-tingling installment of Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop was the suggestion that there might have been a ‘Bolshevik Monopoly’, so households of a socialist persuasion didn’t have to miss out on that all-important board-game family bonding time. Naturally my ears pricked up, for I in fact have seen this game: we have it at my parents’ house. Oh, perhaps it’s not quite ‘Bolshevik Monopoly’ (as, naturally, in a people’s communist paradise the state holds all monopolies), but it’s fairly close – Bertell Ollman’s Class Struggle, “an educational game for kids from 8 to 80… to prepare for life in Capitalist America”.


T REX – “Telegram Sam”

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#309, 5th February 1972

“Telegram Sam” is a fuzzier, thicker, lazier take on “Get It On”, a stomp round increasingly familiar territory. The dashed-off catalogue of grotesques in the verses are time-fillers to get the song from one beefy hook to the next, with the hollering chorus taking most of the strain. The band’s four number ones tell a story of a group turning up the volume and playing with the balance between groove and hook, and “Telegram Sam” is the weakest, a transitional stage before the pure muscle of “Metal Guru”. Of course it’s still good pop – Bolan may be on nonsense autopilot but he’s still charismatic, still thrilled by his own stardom: “I’m a howlin’ wolf, woooo” he laughs as he neonizes the blues.


Curse Of The Coloured Doodah

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It was a bad time to go to New York to try and snaffle some pre-release movie goodness. Half of the big films had been released in the UK first, the rest are about to be released. All I had going for me were the arthouse ones which may never get a release (often because they are terrible) and the odd release schedule of foreign films. And so to the latter I went with The Curse Of The Orange Blossom.




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A spokesman for BBC Drama says: “Thanks to this facility, we’ll be able to produce establishing shots for Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes well into the next decade. And we don’t even have to think of a name!”

Hopefully, Diamond Health & Safety will be posting the appropriate education regarding use of the synchrotron during thunderstorms.

The Advert Calendar: Ditto

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Halifax AdThere was a time when you knew a trend, a craze or band was naff because they started be referenced in adverts. In the heady days of the eighties, when Studio Line adverts were on rotation during The Tube and The Chart Show, it became painfully obvious that the disparity between the hairdos on offer on the pop shows had moved beyond Clairol’s dreams. And does anyone remember the Sigue Sigue Sputnik alike band on the Kit-Kat Advert: “You can’t sing, you can’t play – you’ll go a long way”? Well, they would have only gone far if they had a time machine and killed Bow Wow Wow.