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last-minute wobs scifi-for-kidz popquiz!

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andre jpg1. who first decided that IN THE VERY FAR FUTURE we would all refer to the earth as TERRA OF SOL?
2. who do you know has won the following literary awards:
a. the PHOENIX?
b. the BALROG??
d. a “plaque from the Netherlands government for her past work”????

T REX – “Get It On”

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#302, 24th July 1971

bang 1xgong“Get It On” has become Bolan’s signature tune, and no wonder – it’s as witchy as “Hot Love” but more unabashedly sexed-up: surging, peaking, panting and grinding but still enticingly glittery. There’s more strangeness and whimsy in “Hot Love” mixed in with the sex, though – probably why I like it more – but the whimsy isn’t nearly gone from “Get It On”, and its eroticism is still more playful than sweaty (listen, if you must, to the Power Station’s 80s version to find out how important – and hard – it is to get this right). Playfulness and eroticism are both helped enormously by Bolan’s words, a happy babble of baffling compliments and interjections – “Bang a gong!”; “You’re built like a car, oh yeah” – and in a couple of places his muse was as on as its ever been: “Got the teeth of the hydra upon you”; “Got a hub-cap diamond star halo”. Beguiling imagery this, adding a touch of dazzle to an already fine record. .


An Advent Triptych of Atheism (I did me some book readin’): intro

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What links these books is their atheistic viewpoint – a sceptical approach to our own beliefs and an awareness of the shortcomings of human psychology and thinking – but coming from three very different perspectives. A very American “ground clearing” (the ground in question being covered in eggshells) debate style coming from a philosopher of mind, a british polemic from a friend of his who once wrote a very good book, and a compendium of stories and tricks written by a minor, though handsome, television personality who was an evangelical christian as a student.

I was not going to read the Dawkins book but



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I get it. Dave LaChappelle’s (one assumes) hideously expensive Christmas ads for Boots The Chemist are very pretty to look at. And the bestockingly lady in the bath peeling sprouts is an amusing and attractive image. And I know that the UK is one of the most sophisticated advertising markets in the world where the subtlety of media / message intertwinings are often lost on the first view.