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Dec 06

All good things come to an end (so do bad things as well)

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Last night we bade a fond farewell to Rufus Hound and the Grime Scene Investigation crew. The GSI swansong featured three mucky girls who liked a spot of rugby. Little did they know what grubby horrors the GSI team would find! Rufus (as always) takes far too much pleasure in announcing the various potentially very nasty diseases that could afflict the girls (“It’s t-t-t-tetanus! Yes it can be FATAL! ‘Ave it!“)


The Advert Calendar Of Advent: 6: Vodaphone

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Snow machine. Check.


Mobile phone companies face a challenge these days when they advertise. Everyone already has a mobile phone (trust me, if I have, then everyone has). So what these adverts are trying to do is jostle with the other companies to poach the competitors. Whilst Orange does this using baffling adverts about anything but phones, Vodaphone is a little bit more direct. You like talking to you friends and family, well if they were all on Vodaphone you could do it for free. At Christmas.