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 For many retailers Christmas is a make or break time – a bad season can see profits plummet – so the advertising stakes are raised in direct proportion with the quantity of sleigh bell noises.

 Woolworth’s unsurprisingly makes two-thirds of its annual profits over the festive season, and with everyone doing their shopping on the interweb these days a good advert is all the more necessary for the company. So what do they come up with?


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flood(being a follow-up to this)

in order of interest:
the mystery of the cross-eyed man (1969): pretext = world-turned-upside-down by NATIONWIDE TRAIN STRIKE, so kids (2xboys, 6&14) who were waiting for adult must make own way from Paris to southernmost point of French east coast — viz by HITCH-HIKING strangers — enduring on the way being mistook for runaway sleb kids (2xboys, 6&14); being pursued by incompetent but persistent private dick (see title for details); meeting up and joining forces with runaway sleb kids (2xboys, 6&14); various car wrecks… all of which feels VERY dated — partly bcz of the now-impossible hitching w.strangers dimension, partly bcz of the comedy rich-foax identity mix-up caper shenanigans, which feels like it wz the plot of EVERY SECOND MOVIE 1955-65, partly also perhaps bcz of the strike-as-setting…