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video_tv2.jpgQuality Food: Honestly Priced. It might be true (it might not be) but is it a zingy Chrimbo slogan? But then Waitrose in my years of watching TV, have never advertised on the box before. Part of the John Lewis Partnership (never knowingly undersold, though they often forget or are not super scrupulous in checking that they are undersold) they are the last of the old school retailers. The John Lewis department stores are belov’d of parents, though Waitrose as the spin-off supermarket always suffered a touch from a lack of coverage. There just weren’t that many of them. But of late there has been an expansion of stores, a subtle rebranding: shifting old fashioned middle classisms into a more modern organic, artisanal shopkeeper.


Call Him By His Name

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As many of you probably know, my wife Isabel gave birth to a baby boy on Friday afternoon – mother and baby are still in hospital, until tomorrow we think: he is absolutely fine but she had a difficult labour so they’re keeping her in for now. I’m very proud of her and we’re both delighted.

Freaky Trigger is not generally a site known for baby news and, though I’m sure in due course I’ll be asking my offspring to contribute, it’s going to stay that way. But this is one exception: in a Freaky Trigger WORLD EXCLUSIVE* I’m going to reveal the name of the newborn.


Mother’s ruin?

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On Thursday I met my mother for a spot of Christmas shopping in the West End. “I need a Secret Santa present for a fiver or less”, she declared. Despite having many years of consumer experience my mother decided the best place to find a gift within such a budget was the perfume counter in Liberty’s.

As you can imagine our search was fruitless. However among the bottles of scent, I spotted this. A quick test spray confirmed the accuracy of the smell. An appealing novelty gift perhaps, but who would choose to reek of a Victorian drinking den? Luckily Mum opted for a make-up mirror from John Lewis instead, and ruin was averted.

End This Heresy!

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Consider yourselves on notice, Morrisons.

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