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Nov 06

Tanya’s Teaser: What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

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Welcome to my new quiz for music fans, where if you win I will send you all the hated music I have “liberated” from the Virgin Megastore but would not fit in the dustcart when it came on Friday. Clearly I cannot have the music lying around in my house, it would mark me out as the worst kind of hypocrite. Equally I cannot just leave it in the street where some innocent young whippersnapper may pick it up and suddenly start liking Akon. So instead here is a picture poser for the music fan. Send your name, address and when you are likely to be in so I can kill yet another another accursed music fan deliver your prize.


bow down before your new god

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endless caruso one-liners
(i would say “hat-tip to blount” but i don’t wear a hat and i mightily dislike the phrase “hat-tip” so THIS CLIP COURTESY BLOUNT thanx blount)