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Nov 06

The African Queen, National Film Theatre, Sunday Nov. 26

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African QueenGreen screen effects and obvious quarter-size boat model outfitted with Bogie and Hepburn dolls going through what was probably a small creek somewhere were laffable but the movie generates such goodwill that it almost felt right that Huston would apply the same shoestring, can-do, half-assed attitude towards his film that Bogie does to his boat. “Why don’t you take apart the valve in your engine and remove the screwdriver that got stuck in there?” asks Hepburn. “Because then I wouldn’t get to kick it when it acted up.” Second-best line, spoken with German accent: “I now pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution.”

Turner Prize Idiots!

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tate-comment-idiot.jpgAnnual trip to the Turner Prize (and hence Annual Trip to the Morpeth Arms too) threw up the usual half hearted, interesting and dull experiences. Whilst the field is pretty unexciting this year, there were at least two I quite liked, whilst themselves being flawed. After deliberation I’d give it to Phil Collins, though I would much rather see an English language version of his show*. I like the Mark Titchner but the bits I like are a bit Ed Ruscha and frankly he has missed his boat when you consider that the Athena Poster shop would have sold some of this stuff by the bucket-load**.