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Nov 06

Brandwatch: Burger King Angus

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In response to the growing interest in “premium” foods, Burger King will apparently be launching “The Angus” – the first fast food burger to gain accreditation from the shadowy organisation that licenses the Aberdeen Angus beef brand (and presumably have a hand in their mysterious steakhouses).

I will be intrigued to see if this latest ‘premium brand’ – weighing in at the not terribly exclusive price of £3.29 – works. It reminds me a bit of the “STEAK BURGERS” advertised on university kebab vans – a cut above the standard burgers and, breaking the £2 barrier, the choice of those who were feeling a little flush. (The next step up of course being the “Special Burger”, which is a story for another time.)

The Bible Of Badness: EXODUS – Bob Marley

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Bible Of BadnessIn many ways I should be grateful for the existence of Bob Marley. If it were not for his greatest hits album, Legend, most people would probably own more than one Reggae record. In acting as a one man summary for this particularly dismal form of music therefore (and then by dying too!) he has done me a favour in the world of music hating. But it just is not that simple. You see not only did Bob Marley also unfortunately make music, but he also gave birth to about four hundred children all of whom seem to be continuing this somewhat ropey legacy.


Poptimism – Lesson Twenty One

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Kiss Me – Robbie Williams

Rush – Aly & AJ [dance remix]

Will You Remember Me Tomorrow – Margaret Berger

Easy – Sugababes (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Remix)

Hot Love – T Rex


The FreakyTrigger Top 25 Brands: 22: TARMAC

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tarmaclogo.gifTarmac? What kind of a brand is that, its just the pavement, right? Wrong my friends. Tarmac is a brand and an awe-inspiring dominant one at that. I love brands whose names are synonymous with their main product, it shows an awesome degree of brand dominance when the brand name becomes subsumed into language. But it is also dangerous: when Hoover became the de facto name for vacuum cleaners, they did not maintain brand dominance, and then the name stopped referring to the company at all (with the knock on effect that – say a Hoover Washing Machine also looked pretty suspect*).



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cape-of-good-hope-old.jpgWhen I first encountered it (1991 – considerable after this much older photo which on closer examination may well be of a completely different building on the same site) the pub at the St Clements Roundabout in Oxford (aka The Plain) was called:


then it became


Another great FT milestone: 100,000 spam

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About the same time we passed 5000 comments*, so 20 out of 21 comments are spam**. Nice. Many many thanks to and the “Worst Offenders” plugin.

Free fun FT fact: we are now mobile phone friendly (looks like this)

(*RIP the comments lost in the great haloscan massacre)

(**The real proportion is even worse because the 100,000 is comments since we went WP in, er July??, and comments have been accumulating on Popular for some time prior to that, using Blogger comments)