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The ILC Top Characters Of All Time: a very long time indeed in the making, the mighty poll has finally reached #1 thanks to the diligent efforts of Andrew Farrell.

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“Yugoslavia, and the Balkans in general, are one of the world centers of tallness. The great physical anthropologist Carleton Coon’s study of the Ghegs of North Albania is entitled ‘The Mountain of Giants’. Jerry Pournelle told me that Crown Prince Leka, son of King Zog, pretender to the throne of Albania, whom Jerry worked with in the 1960s on a planned invasion of the Communist state, was seven feet tall…”

(ok, pournelle cowrote The Mote in God’s Eye w.larry niven — plus this plus, acc.norman spinrad, reagan’s STAR WARS speech, tho JP denies this last)

Pumpkin Publog Lyric Watch: The Ghosts Of Great Windmill Street

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red-lion.jpgGreat Windmill Street isn’t that great a street really. A couple of exotic dancing dives, The Fabulous Windmill Theatre*, and a few ropey restaurants and bars. But it did used to be a one hundred yard drag which was home to four pubs. The two bookending pubs (St James Tavern and the Duke Of Argyle) are still there. But as previously reported The Lyric is now shuttered up, and the Red Lion over the road has also undergone an attack of the boards.

Perhaps this street was too short to maintain so much pubbage. Perhaps, and while we regret the loss of the Lyric, the Red Lion is no great loss. An odd pub which was too square for its own good, I think I only crossed its threshold once – during a rainbow pub crawl. And thinking back, there are better Red Lion’s I could have chosen in Soho even for that pub crawl.



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Our Jenny had a bit of a shock this week. A bump on the head means she has a near-death experience of her very own! Granny urges JLH to join her in ‘the light’ but at the last minute Miss Perkypants looks down and sees paramedic hubby sobbing at her bedside. “It’s not my time!” she pleads to Gran, and suddenly wakes up good as new. OR DOES SHE?


Not A Very Good Host

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the-host.jpgThere is a standard press release story which has accompanied most of the press for The Host, Korean monster movie which has been out for a couple of weeks. The director Bong Joon-ho (of the previously also well received Memories Of Murder) just photoshopped a picture of the Loch Ness Monster on to the Han river in Seoul and let the picture do the work. Here is my artist impression of this picture. Would you spunk the most money EVER spent on a Korean film on the strength of this image? Nevertheless, having seen it, one can believe it. As the story itself is a mish-mash of inspired ideas mixed with shaky plot-points which impresses but makes you feel it was a sliver away from greatness.


torchwatch #6 i think: “can you get a bus?”

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buccaneerok i have missed some so my position may well crumble fact-wise but i STILL DEFEND the “adult” jag of this series as being a. very unusual, and b. very much worth trying

sex is no longer remotely rare on TV *but* treatment of sexual mores is still fundamentally calumoid and lads maggy — which is to say a bad mix of brashly open about the practicalities of desire, and deeply fear-ridden and conventional as regards “what everyone wants emotionally”

ok think of CSI old-skool: first as a metaphorical exploration of sexual morality (possibly confusing as it is often a quasi-journalistic cartoon exploration of ACTUAL REAL sexual behaviour); and second as an indicator of where to “draw the line” — the CSI team are the outer guards of accepability, who have made forays and often viewed the “world beyond”; their job is limits its encroachment not just on “us” (=potential future victims=sheep may safely graze) and on them (=the lonely patrollers who know what the world is “really like”, and must make deals with the smaller devils to keep at bay the larger) — ok so far so ordinary; CSI old-skool is currently more daring and playful than most present-day procedural (partly bcz of grissom’s liminal status), but it is essentially orthodox