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Nov 06

Five Better Reasons To Take U2’s Stylist To Court

I Hate Music5 comments • 6,385 views

Interupting our trip through the so-called good book to marvel at this news story. U2 win battle against ex-stylist , in which U2 have won a court case against an ex-stylist because she nicked a cowboy hat off of him. Eminently responsible thing to do if you remember how stupid the band looked during the JOSHUA* Tree period.

However bearing in mind that this is U2 we are talking about I present five better reasons for U2 to take their various stylists to court.



FT + The Brown Wedge9 comments • 1,002 views

twinsThe slightly redundant twins in THE RUNNERS raised the entire historical question of TWINS IN KID-LIT: whence it came and where it went — A.Ransom’s various gangs and combos delivered one early set: Port and Starboard in Coot Club and The Big Six; Blyton girlschool stories often featured a twins; but the motherlode was the slightly nutty 26-book oeuvre of LUCY FITCH PERKINS (1865-1937) viz: