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Nov 06

Poptimism – Lesson Twenty – This is Hardcore

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Intro – David Dickinson

Chatterbox – Sway

Drop – The Pharcyde

Maximize – Rex The Dog

Seventeen – Ladytron (Soulwax Remix)


For God’s Sake…

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Bible Of Badness“Peace be upon you, dear child. I sense a troubled soul.”

So said the man in a dress who greeted me when a stormed a big building in the City Of London, trying find the source of high pitched choral caterwauling which was distracting me from finding a bar open at the optimal drinking time of 10am on a Sunday Morning. I was taken back instantly, thinking that it must be Boy George without make-up on (a cruel trick to avoid my assassins). But it just turned out to be a priest who was trying to help.


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The ace Popjustice CD!
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