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three point two seven modernist conundra

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flying cityKINGDOM OF NOT (5.26): This is not about a kingdom which is in the past, but it is about a kingdom called Not, which although it is not, yet is.” — Sun Ra, rec.1956, released as Saturn 204; rereleased as Super-Sonic Sounds, abc/impulse, 1974

Modernism’s dirty secret: avant-garde work requires the survival of the order it first flared against, or its full radicalism no longer properly registers.” —Epiphanies: Cecil Taylor, er Mark Sinker, The Wire Dec-Jan 1999.

i went round the V&A show Modernism: Designing a New World a few months back, in the excellent company of mr worrell and dr skronkio — there’d been a few sniffy reports, but i had an AGENDA (in, technology, techics and the lure of the machine), which gave me plenty to see and respond to and think about… my early plan wz to pick on just three hemhem little hemhem deconstructive moments, tho time and belatedness and stupidly unexpected scale and complexity of subject have repeatedly intervened. So repeat after me: TOPICALITY IS AN ARTEFECT OF PSEUDO-LIFE IN THE COMMODITY NEXUS, and so is the WELL-CONSTRUCTED FULLY FORMED REVIEW (mmmph good save eh?) and then READ BOLDLY ON: