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Nov 06

on not feeling a little horse

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ok i was too busy to blog this on sat and then forgot and now cannot remember key details but on one of the bbc mornin cookin progs, there was an italian guest chef, and he was suggestin that for once we cook not with PARMESAN (“which smell of sweetie,” as he put it) but with [insert name of other grated italian cheese here]: “which smell of STABLE”

“stable?!” repeated the host. hoping he had heard awrong, and ready to chuckle at the misunderstanding

“yes stable!” said the italian chef

Uncle Joe vs the stats freaks

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Joe MorganWho is Joe Morgan and why are these people so eager to have him fired? These days Joe is an avuncular chap who dresses like he owns a small chain of successful used car dealerships. Back in the late 70s, when I first started watching baseball, Joe was coming to the end of a glorious career playing second base. He then moved from the field to the commentary booth, where he resides comfortably to this day (and can be encountered by UK audiences deep in the night on Five). And from where the Fire Joe Morgan folk would like him evicted



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Marketing Week have let us know that comments box regulars Diageo have been busy at the patent office, coming up with these new booze ideas:

– compartmentalised bottles for sychronised layered drinks pourage! Dragon’s Den tastic!

– “sparkling spirits”, they have developed an special YEAST which makes spirits sparkle up to 30% abv. (Though apparently “8-12% abv is best” – hold on this is surely not a spirit.)

Would have been better with Big Ted, Little Ted and Humpty

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Poster ReviewAll The Kings Men: quite simply the worst film I have seen in the cinema for quite some time. We only barely got through it with the aid of a can of beer and guffaws. We just about survived the initial shock of Sean Penn’s ridiculous bouffant hair and even more ridiculous accent. Now I have never been south of the Mason-Dixon line, but even I can tell when a Louisiana accent is lousy. And man jack to a boy nearly all of them in this film are terrible (I will give Winslett a pass cos as far as I can see she gets about two lines in the film). What’s more each of the actors are using different techniques to get their N’Orleans drawl right.


It’s a Mystery, Part 3

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Having been cruelly treated by the traffic gods on Sunday evening, we stumbled into the Arcola in Dalston a little hot and botherd, afraid we would miss the start of the film. But, as I pointed out to meg as we yomped through Stoke Newington, “it’s an art centre, of course it won’t go up on time” and, fortunately they didn’t let us down, the film not actually starting ’til about 8.15 after various faffing about. To be honest, we were on the verge of giving up and just going back home, at which point meg said “I bet it’s some iranian rom-com”, which she wasn’t quite right about, but when the titles started, I honestly only thought we’d last five minutes and then go home in a huff, having not got to see the new James Bond.


CLIVE DUNN – “Grandad”

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#295, 9th January 1971


The KLF’s The Manual famously details the steps required to have a number one hit – but with a caveat: the method outlined will only work once every several years. The dark – though somewhat obvious – marketing arts behind “Grandad” are similarly timebound.