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Nov 06

Tanya’s Teaser: What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

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Welcome to my new quiz for music fans, where if you win I will send you all the hated music I have “liberated” from the Virgin Megastore but would not fit in the dustcart when it came on Friday. Clearly I cannot have the music lying around in my house, it would mark me out as the worst kind of hypocrite. Equally I cannot just leave it in the street where some innocent young whippersnapper may pick it up and suddenly start liking Akon. So instead here is a picture poser for the music fan. Send your name, address and when you are likely to be in so I can kill yet another another accursed music fan deliver your prize.


bow down before your new god

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endless caruso one-liners
(i would say “hat-tip to blount” but i don’t wear a hat and i mightily dislike the phrase “hat-tip” so THIS CLIP COURTESY BLOUNT thanx blount)

Nov 06

torchwatch #7: vanilla planet

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actually i wz on the phone for the first whole first half ( favourite irl pirate) but even so I REST MY CASE

formal sublemma:
i. captain kidd
ii. captain flint
iii. captain slaughterboard
iv. captain jack sparrow
v. captain jack harkness

D. UGG-las Adams eat yr heart out

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A rare tick in the ‘comics’ category for me as I am reminded to share with Freakytrigger readers a great GURLS COMIC EXPERIENCE of my youth that remains with me to this very day. A very small Sarah on visits to her grandma and grandad would usually disappear from the living room full of grown-ups drinking tea from ‘best’ china mugs into the spare room where there were a stash of 50s-60s girls annuals with names like Tammy, Bunty, Jacksy etc etc.

Anyway the story that sticks with me is of a BRAVE NOBLE etc etc skoolgirl who moves to a new village… in TRANSYLVANIA gasp! Ever so tragically this village is plagued by the MYSTERIOUS DEATHS of local peasants who are all under the treatment of the strange Dr. Ula! Can you guess wot is coming readers?? Eventually all the yokels have turned against Dr. Ula, but before they can storm his surgery-cum-spooky-castle, a lurching servant accounces the good doctor is DEAD! As the village parties, only the brave noble etc skoolgirl feels sorry for poor lonely doctor, who never did go make any friends in the village at all. Clutching some posies, she takes a chum along to visit his grave.

“You’re right, I suppose it is a shame Aleister died”, says the friend.

“Aleister?”, says noble skoolgirl?

“Yes – didn’t you know his first name?”, chuckles the inappropriately amused chumling.

Noble skoolgirl looks down, and sees the grave spell out the name of the ‘deceased’… and what could it be??


Picture In Lieu Of Anything Intelligent To Say

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untitled.jpgI am somewhat in awe of the genre of films which can only be called Fairy Tales For Grown-Ups. The City Of Lost Children is one of my favourite films, and is clearly a fairy tale which cannot be seen by anyone under fifteen. And so too (up to a point) is Pan’s Labyrinth, which whilst not as awesome as the the title might suggest (see my version to the right) is still a really well made story of youthful innocence contrasted with the horrors of Yawn, I mean WAR. Indeed part of its problem is that it is too well made .The lines between the fantasy and real world are so clearly delineated that when they eventually collide the effect is diminished by sense that we’ve been here before.


Nov 06

purely for the sake of the completeness of my theory

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hestondexter csi danny

UPDATE and plus haha see on right OMG IT’S AN ARCHETYPE

The Bible Of Badness: LEVI(Ticus) Stubbs’ Tears – Billy Bragg

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Bible Of BadnessI have dealt with Levi Stubbs before and was contemplating skipping this particular book of the Bible. There was also the possibility of exploring the link between jeans and popular music in the 1980’s, a point where Music clearly was Pants. From Nick Kamen through Reet Petite it was clear that the only reason people were buying these records was because they quite liked the eye candy in the ads. SO DON’T BUY THE RECORDS THEN. BUY A VIDEO OF THE ADVERT. But in the end I realised as the third book of the Pentateuch it really is quite an important book (and full of the nuttiest bits of the Bible such as Israel should be in the Eurovision Song Contest). And I also realised that I had never quite finished a previous ongoing series of mine: WEEDY EIGHTIES WHITE PEOPLE SINGING ABOUT SOUL STARS.


some names of spaceheroes in andre norton novels

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i. naill renfro
ii. troy horan
iii. ranger sergeant kartr

some more:
Dane Thorson; Drew Rennie; Shan Lantee; Jern Murdock; Ross Murdock
hosteen is still the winner tho

Green Chart Let Down By Nether Regions (ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!)

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santagreen.jpgIts not a sexy chart to run down on Channel 4 at Christmas, but the Environment Agency’s list of the Top 100 Environmental Campaigners OF ALL TIME is nevertheless an interesting read. A few good worthies up top means you don’t even begrudge Prince Charles rocking up in the top ten, probably for the column inches. That said you wonder if desperation kicked in a bit further down the list as the following turn up:

47 St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology

53 Swampy, roads protester


The Business Of Film

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The (one assumes from the language of its other articles a pretty right-leaning US website) knocks up a list of its ten best business based films. The criteria it uses is simple
1) A great movie
2) A relatively realistic picture of business
3) An attitude not openly hostile to capitalism as we know and love it.