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The Red and The Black

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“It’s easy to win when there are folk in the government holding back your rivals.”

So says Silvio Berlusconi to Inter Milan fans, appparently. But how would a man who had simultaneously been Prime Minister of Italy and owner of the Italian Champions know about a thing like that?

Its A Mystery: Part II

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be.jpgThere is a species of murder mystery, like say Columbo, where the fun is not in working out whodunnit. My run in with the London-wide mystery film phenom was a bit liek this in two ways. I had decided to go see the one at the Muswell Hill Odeon. Choice was based on proximity of friend (who in the end couldn’t come) and consideration of the kind of film which might be shown. I guessed that an Odeon was likely to have a “bigger” film, and I kind of fancied a preview rather than something out of the blue which might have rocked up at the Renoir or Arcola (more to follow). And hey, its Muswell Hill, it’ll probably be something middle-class.


Q here to get gong…

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In a shocking attempt to pander to every cover star’s ego, the Q awards seems to be in even more danger than the Intertoto “Cup” of turning into the modern equivalent of school sports day where EVERYBODY gets a prize, lets look at that list of “special” awards in full:


Popular ’70

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Appearing briefly on the front page while I finish the next entry!

Every Popular entry gets a mark out of 10: here’s your opportunity to say which of the No.1s of 1970 you’d give more than 6 to. Highest marks from me this year went to Freda Payne and Smokey Robinson (both 8s); lowest was a 2 for Dana.

Which of these Number One Singles of 1970 Would You Have Given 6 Or More To?

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Singles are listed in reverse chronological order for once.

DAVE EDMUNDS – “I Hear You Knocking”

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#294, 28th November 1970


Dave Edmunds -- I Hear You Knockin“I Hear You Knocking” is a 50s R&B cover, and more than just a cover – the enthused “Smiley Lewis! Chuck Berry! Huey Smith!” yells mark it as a celebration, and the tightly-packed, trebly arrangement seems designed to capture the feel of listening to rock n roll on a crackly transistor. The result, though, is a strangely pinched-sounding record – almost everything in it sounds sharpened, clipped and thin. The exception, and the main reason to listen, is the ever-gorgeous slide guitar, which pushes particularly well against a strutting rhythm. In fact I’d love an instrumental of this, but I can’t get along with Dave Edmunds’ nasal, echo-sodden voice – with every cawed “I hear you KNAWW-kin” I like the record less. .